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10 Ways To Access High Positive Emotion

10 Ways To Access High Positive Emotion

When we are in high positive emotions like happiness, joy, love etc. we are in our true state. This is the energy state through which happiness flows and all ones desires are being allowed to come forth. In other words when we ‘feel good’ we are going in the right direction to our ‘happiness.’ Likewise, when we are in negative emotions, we are receiving from the universe the emotional negative equivalent experiences. This is a vibrational universe and what is coming to us is that which we are emitting emotionally. Our emotional well-being is of infinite importance. I have discovered several strategies of how to keep myself in high positive emotion in the last while because I want a magnificent life experience.

Here are just a few ways that I have come up with that can help move you into this high positive emotion too. If you have ideas of your own, I welcome your comments.

1.) Creativity: being creative is always an uplifting activity. One has to be in the flow of life to be creative. Creativity could be doing anything from painting a picture to creating a beautiful meal.

2.) Physical Stamina: nutrition & exercise: When we move our bodies and feed our bodies healthy foods, we are allowing wellness to flow through us.

3.) Money: can buy us enjoyable experiences.

4.) Time freedom: having time to enjoy and be and do what brings us pleasure.

5.) Enjoyment/Fun/Laughter: this could include anything from watching a great show on TV to seeing a concert. It is doing something that you enjoy.

6.) Healthy Beautiful Relationships: surrounding yourself with positive people who uplift and help you to see your true nature.

7.) Clearing Old Memories that are causing tension in the body: one method of doing this is called Journey work. You can learn how to do Journey work by going to a workshop in your area. Or to actually experience this process with myself, a qualified Journey therapist you can be in touch with me. One can do this work over the telephone so you can live anywhere and receive a process.

8.) Intellectual Growth: when one is learning new things, enjoying the process of your expansion and going with the flow of how life.

9.) Doing work that you love.

10.) Prayer/Meditation/Being in Nature/First Nations Sweats: all these events can help to make us feel better.

This list can go on but one thing must be in place, we must be enjoying whatever we choose and when we are enjoying our lives we are moving into higher and higher energy. When we are in this higher energy, we are manifesting more of what we are wanting from this physical experience.