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3 Stages in Learning to Play Violin

3 Stages in Learning to Play Violin

Tackling a skill like “learning to play the violin” can seem like a daunting task. However in reality, learning to play violin falls into just three stages. There’s the beginner stage, where you’re just learning finger placements, postures and playing basic music. There’s the intermediate level, where you’re becoming comfortable with the instrument and you’re learning to play music that really shines. Finally, there’s the advanced to mastery stage where you’re truly bringing something unique to the world. Read on to learn how to advance through these stages as quickly as possible.

Stage #1 – The Beginner Stage

The first state is the beginner stage. The most important thing to watch out for in this stage is that you instill good habits and have fun while learning.

The two biggest mistakes people make are not having good posture, not getting the fundamentals or not caring for their instrument right from the get go. On an emotional level, people can get discouraged if they’re not learning to love the learning process in the beginning.

Having good examples is crucial for this stage. In particular, watching videos of violinists playing can really help internalize the violin posture.

Stage #2 – The Intermediate Stage

The intermediate stage is when you really start to learn how to play great music.

In the beginning of this stage, you’ll still be consciously moving your fingers and having to think through your music. As you advance through this stage, notes will simply become music and the movement of your fingers will become automatic. Your violin will become an extension of you.

As you reach the end of the intermediate stage, you’ll be at a level that’s equivalent to getting a “masters” in playing the violin. You’ll know most of what can be taught by someone else to you.

You can play beautifully, you can play songs from music sheets, you know all the fundamentals by heart and you’re just a great musician.

Stage #3 – The Advanced to Mastery Level

This stage is the “PhD” stage. At this point the instrument truly becomes an expression of you.

Have you ever heard someone playing at such a level that you could truly hear the emotions flow through the music? Have you heard people play the classics with their own personal twist added that really makes it come alive?

That’s the final stage of learning the violin. At this point, you’re not just learning how to replicate other people’s music. You’re learning to use the violin as an expression of yourself.

Getting through these stages can be tough without a guide. Especially the beginning stages are difficult to navigate without having good violin instruction. Having detailed step by step guides can make a big difference. One great way to guide yourself through the process is with detailed online videos.  

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