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5 Types of Love Letters to Write When I Want To Know ‘How Do I Write A Love Letter’

5 Types of Love Letters to Write When I Want To Know ‘How Do I Write A Love Letter’

Putting your emotions into the words of a love letter is a great way to express what you want to say, to the person you love. For some this is a great way to say what they feel when they have difficulties saying it to their lover, for others, this too is still a struggle. So where do you begin if the idea of “how do I write a love letter” is all a bit much? Here are 5 types of love letters to write that can help you express yourself in words to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Words You Have Never Said

This is the type of letter that expresses the feelings that you have never revealed to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are shy about talking about stuff this is an ideal way to let your lover know what you think and how you feel. This is where you can share with them the characteristics about them that you like and admire, and talk of the things about your relationship that you appreciate. This gives your partner a new insight to you and offers them encouragement and support in who they are and the things that they do.

Words You Always Say

Another type of letter is writing down all the neat things you do say, in a tangible concrete form. This letter serves as a reminder of your love and encouragement to your partner and reinforces the little messages you may whisper in their ear or when you compliment them out loud. Often when you pay a compliment to someone, they do not receive it fully and writing a letter including all those things you do say on a regular basis gives them time to read it and let it sink in, and feed their soul.

Words in Poetry

If you are the kind of person who likes to express themselves through poetry this is an excellent way to express your emotions to your love. This is extra special in that you took the time to create a poem especially for them. If you are not strong in the poetry department, you can use the words of another that convey your feelings and many love poems can be found on the internet or in the library. That you did not create the poem yourself is offset by the time and attention you spent to find something that said exactly what you wanted to say to them.

Words of Songs

Another way to express your-self poetically is through the lyrics of a song. If you are musically inclined you could write a love-song for your boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you are not gifted that way, borrow the words of a song that conveys the emotions you want to share. This is a very romantic way of letting your love know what’s on your mind and in your heart.

Words of Humor

Some couples just spark off humor and find that they both enjoy comedy and funny sayings etc. Writing a letter that is a funny love letter might be the way to share some of your emotions. Laughter is a lovely way to connect with your soul-mate and it is a great way to get closer to the one you love.

There are many different angles that you take when you want to put your heart’s love messages on paper.

Your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s personality will have a lot to do with the type of letter you write and what type of relationship you have together.

When you sit down to write, take your time and think carefully how you want to convey your thoughts and feelings, and how it will be received. The good news about writing a letter is that you can take the time necessary to get it just right. By taking your time, you will know which one of the different types of love letters to write and you will quickly learn what you need to know when you are asking yourself, “How do I write a love letter that will touch my lover’s heart?”