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A R&B Funk Masters Journey

A R&B Funk Masters Journey

Tailored to your needs, regulatory excitement, body-vibes, toe-tapping, rump-shaking, and finger popping grooves; after being on the music scene as a solo artist over the last four years, Varges Thomas is still emerging and streaming across digital and mainstream radio stations around the world. The music business is definitely not for the weak or faint of heart. It is far more than a sprint or a marathon. Passion and desire are needed for any musician who really wants to make a career in the entertainment business.

The journey has been one of a kind with many ups and downs. But through it all, the consistency, dedication, and patience has kept the R&B musician humble. With several different genre’s on one EP, there were challenges with identifying and grasping the direction of his artistry. Though the versatility was there, the variety of songs on his debut EP “Destiny” resulted in mixed reviews.

Varges has been in several Indie music publications including but not limited to: Airplay Magazine, ArtistRack, Indie Network Radio, Magic Music Magazine, Radio Indie International Network, and Bring Back Soul Music along with other press and radio interviews. His songs were streamed and are still streaming in over 69 countries worldwide. The popular tunes are: Juice, Ladies Night, Varges Jam, V-Spot, Give It To Ya, Destiny, Something Special featuring PleasureMore and a tribute song to his mentor the late Roger Troutman.

His latest single “Lost For Words” is a song about finding it hard to put into words how you feel about the one you love. This track is a smooth, soft, borderline-mellow groove that is grabbing listeners’ ears as the lyrical content can be related to many who may be in or once were in a serious relationship.
Here are five recommendations that all recording artist needs to know and understand. First, it takes more than talent to be successful. There has to be a team of people who believe in your craft and potential as an artist. Secondly, you have to have faith and believe in yourself to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others.

Thirdly, there has to be networking in the industry — with plenty of marketing and promoting your brand or products. Also, you will need finances to get your career started and headed in the right direction to get noticed. One may ask,” What does it take to succeed?” You have to be willing to invest in yourself. You must be in charge of your own destiny, your sweat-equity (developing, polishing and maintaining your craft), and your commitment to your music career. There is never a dull moment as long as you are continuing to stay active and on top of your game.

Lastly, there will be some sleepless nights, along with sweat, tears, joys and growing pains. It is necessary to have thick skin and the ability to handle constructive criticism from those who can help elevate your career and take it to the next level. Let the journey continue!