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A Review of the Bastien Piano Basics Method

A Review of the Bastien Piano Basics Method

When choosing that all important first piano method book for your child, you may increase your child’s chance of success by understanding as much as possible about the method books that may be used during piano lessons. One common choice is the Bastien Piano Basics Library. Here is what you should know about it.

The Bastien Piano Basics method includes five levels of correlated books teaching core learning concepts, theory, repertoire, technique, and sight reading. Designed for average age beginners ranging from ages 7 to 11, the books support the necessary aspects of piano study. Students who study using the method from beginning to the highest level often find that using all the books together sequentially may provide for a high level of success.

The books focus on multiple key reading right from the beginning. The advantage to studying several keys at one time is that the student becomes very comfortable with the entire keyboard from the start. Students learn to play on the black keys first, and then move on to include the white keys. They also use all the black keys from one end of the keyboard to the other.

A major strength of the method is that it includes pieces that are age appropriate and that children really enjoy playing. The lessons are developed so that the music and technical exercises match. Children understand why they are playing scales and other exercises because they can see how these things are used in the music.

Colorful illustrations fill the pages of these books. Though parents may view the appearance as being less serious, the content is sound. The visual impact created by the cheerful cartoons brings music study into the computer age so that piano study has a chance to compete with the ever popular computer games.

There are five books for each level of study. They are meant to be studied together as a unit of five. The price per book is reasonable for any parents already paying for piano lessons.

Some teachers and parents have found it tempting to teach using only the core concepts book for each level. The fact that they are published with a different focus for each book may encourage some to not purchase them all. The most common excuse for this is price. This should be avoided. It is not in the best interest of students to omit any of the books.

Many students in countries all around the world have used this method for many years now with numerous levels of success. It remains a strong contender for private piano study for many generations.