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Antler Shed Hunting Bonus

Antler Shed Hunting Bonus

Many hunters spend many hours looking for shed antlers. If you have never tried shed hunting, maybe you should give it a whirl. Here’s why!

Antler sheds are usually found in areas that deer tend to use a lot. Many antler shed finds, will tell you the class of bucks in an area, and how those bucks use the area as well.

These secrets alone make your time worth the effort, let alone the value of the shed antlers.

If you are lucky enough to find a complete set of world class antlers, you could be well on your way to becoming famous, and will have many opportunities to sell the sheds that you find, for a really decent price.

Places to search for shed antlers include bedding areas, feeding areas, primary trails and along side primary trails, as bucks often trail along side of these trails. In deep snowy areas, you should search out deer yards, these areas are often in cedar swamps with thick overhead cover. This thick cover helps shield the deer from harsh winter climates.

When searching for antler sheds, you should only pay attention to what is immediately in front of you. Antlers can often be seen around rub lines. You may only see a piece of an antler so don’t waste your time looking for a complete antler shed if you are searching in a snowy climate. Also just because you don’t find antlers in an area one day, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any in that area. As snow recedes antlers become more and more visible.

If you are searching in mountainous or hilly areas, search the southern exposures as deer will spend a lot of time in these areas to capture the suns warmth. Search timber harvesting areas as well, as deer will spend time feeding on freshly cut tops. As new vegetation begins to grow they will also browse on this new growth.

Clear cut areas also hold bucks and sheds can often be found around the edges of these forested areas.

Bucks also spend a lot of time along side brooks or streams and these areas often times hold antler sheds.

If you are new to shed hunting, start out by talking to your local deer biologist. They are best suited to alerting you where to find deer yards, if you aren’t aware of these areas.

If you know of any agricultural areas that have crops that never got harvested, you can bet deer will not be to far off, so be sure to give these areas your close attention, as well. Bucks can hold their headgear up into the month of March.

Be sure to take a camera along with extra batteries, as you never know what pictures you will have the opportunity to take. It’s a great hobby and will provide exercise for you and your family as well as for your dog if you have one. Antler shed hunting definitely has its bonuses, why not get yours this spring!