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Become a Monster Guitar Player With One of These Top Guitar Lessons

Become a Monster Guitar Player With One of These Top Guitar Lessons

Are you having trouble getting to grips with your plan to learn to play a guitar? Teaching yourself to play guitar is an effort, however with many online beginner guitar lessons, filled with popular songs to train, you’ll undoubtedly begin to learn and even get better. Relaxing while playing guitar helps immeasurably, thus be sure to have fun. Right here are just some of the top recommended beginner acoustic guitar and other guitar instruments.


JamPlay is amongst the best video guitar lesson sites that you can come upon – this has in-depth video clips to accommodate the needs of guitar players; starter, intermediate or advanced. JamPlay features a huge 19,750 minutes worth of video clip lessons shown by 24 teachers, and these figures are consistently rising. Moreover, there’s a huge amount of material on JamPlay’s site so there is a movie to explain nearly everything may it be something pretty general as how to play the classical guitar, or something much more specific as how you can play “Black Bird” by The Beatles.

The training videos themselves are extremely comprehensive and even provide numerous camera angles as needed. It really feels as if you have the instructor (or yet say “teachers” as you have access to all 24 instructors!) right in front of you. The actual visual quality of the video is fantastic and the dimensions itself is big enough so that you won’t overlook anything.

Guitar Alliance

Guitar Alliance has a comprehensive library of guitar lessons for newbies, with audio clips, pictures, explanation and training that you can give a shot at all at once. Guitar Alliance allow 3 demo lessons, that can be found on their website. This specific guitar lesson is surely worth going over. It’s an excellent paid tuition site with a huge collection of lessons for starters.


Riff-o-Matic features beginner guitar lessons on a huge gallery of songs by various bands and performers. This is done with the use of tablature, video tutorial, audio clips, diagrams and some directions. Each song is categorised into difficulty ratings to help you identify how arduous it will be to learn the song. A quick introduction of the song is also presented, which includes date of release, band members, and also a biography. Then the song is split up into several parts and the sheet music to every part is presented coupled with a sound clip. The lessons are well arranged, and the explanations are pretty clear.

One particular thing we loved about Riff-o-Matic is the ability to grab the sheet music in several different formats (e.g. PDF or powertab). We highly recommend this site, as we believe it gives good quality lessons for guitar players of all levels.

Just Acoustic

As the name suggest ‘Just Acoustic’ consists of only acoustic guitar lessons. ‘Just Acoustic’ is run by the same firm that run the following excellent guitar lesson web sites. ‘Just Acoustic’ has lessons in genres like folk, pop, country, and many others. Lessons are taught using many resources, including audio, video, tablature, chord manuals, and song studies. This definitely helps in making things clear. On top of that, members of the site may ask for different lessons that are not available yet.

There is an abundance of guitar lessons online that offer all you need to be the guitar player that you would like to be. Some sites even give you lessons for free. Dedicate ample time in taking these lessons and you are on your way to reaching your goals.