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Cinderella’s Sister Korean Drama Soundtrack is a Masterpiece

Cinderella’s Sister Korean Drama Soundtrack is a Masterpiece

Music is one of the most important part of a Korean drama. It is called a Korean drama OST and also formally known as original soundtrack. Each of these OSTs have a distinct sound that often allows people to remember the drama, the feelings, and emotions that were felt by a character. And Cinderella’s Sister OST is no exception. Cinderella’s Sister OST is perhaps the best soundtrack that was ever created for any Korean drama. It’s a masterpiece.

Cinderella’s Sister is a Korean television drama that depicts the story of Song Eun Jo, Cinderella’s evil stepsister. The drama tells you about Song Eun Jo’s challenging life, influenced by her mother who cons and steals from other people. Song Eun Jo and Hong Ki Hoon fall in love for each other but they conceal their feelings for one another.

The most popular main song of the soundtrack, which is the opening track, is called “It has to be You” which was sung by YeSung from K-pop group, Super Junior. The ballad was #1 in online music sales in from late April to early May 2010. It also gained popularity in ringtones in Korea. The lyrics to this tune describe the romance between Song Eun Jo so well. It begins with the lines “Today I am wandering in my memories again, Standing at the end of this road, You are holding onto me even though I cannot see you again, Once again I’m stuck on this road again.” On June 4, 2010, YeSung had a special on-stage performance on KBS’s Music Bank television show for this unique song.

The second track is called “Calling Out” and was sung by Luna and Krystal from K-pop group, f(x). Once again it describes the relationship between Song Eun Jo and Hong Ki Hoon and Eun Jo’s love for Ki Hoon. The lyrics begin with the words “From the strong loneliness, I woke up, Because I was picturing you smiling, I smiled too without even knowing.” The song seems to describe Eun Jo’s feelings after Ki Hoon left for eight years without even saying goodbye. The song continues with “My love disappeared like this again.” This song has also gained huge popularity in May.

In addition to these two tunes, “Smile Again” by Lee Yun Jung and “Save My Love!” by Pink Toniq also brought some attention with its up-tempo beat. “It was You” by JM is also a good song that fits well in the television series. With such powerful acting from the stars and a solid soundtrack, it’s no surprise that Cinderella’s Sister is among the best Korean television series in the past couple months.