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Cloud Cult Songs – Top 5 And Why

Cloud Cult Songs – Top 5 And Why

1) “Chemicals Collide” from The Meaning of 8 (2007)

The album as a whole is inspired by the death of Craig Minowa’s child, and this song is about chemicals colliding to make that child. The song starts out with a lazy pace, but picks up steam as it goes. The drums resemble fireworks in the sky as they drive the song forward and build to a wonderful crescendo.

2) “Take Your Medicine” from The Meaning of 8 (2007)

Up-tempo from the start, Take Your Medicine will have your head bopping. A stuttering and jagged baseline rolls the song forward. The highlight of this song happens in the middle when everything drops out for a peaceful xylophone and vocal piece that feels like the stars on a warm breezy night. Building back out of the solo the bass takes over once more and leads you on to the end of the song.

3) “When Water Comes To Life” from Feel Good Ghosts (2008)

One of the band’s most dynamic songs, for me this song starts out slow and then explodes into an amazing work of art. Again, the drums play a key role in the dynamic of the song, but, unlike the previous two, they do not drive the song forward. The drum line manages the energy of the song and the hard snare helps the song reach its high water mark. The most characteristic element of the song, however, is probably the fact that it is string based with the strings doing all of the heavy lifting in the first section of the song.

4) “The Escape – Running With The Wolves” from Light Chasers (2010)

The title track from the band’s 2010 album, The Escape – Running With The Wolves is really a great song about growing up and taking off into life. The song evokes images of running through the snow with bounding energy and fearlessness. As is usually the case with Cloud Cult, the beat drives the song forward with a little help from a big-sound bass. Strings intermittently chime in to complete the musical landscape.

5) “The Arrival – There’s So Much Energy In Us” from Light Chasers (2010)

The final track off of this philosophically charged album, The Arrival – There’s So Much Energy In Us leaves you with an optimistic message of perseverance and hope. “We’re so close to it, we’re so close to it… we still have energy in us.” Structurally, this song feels similar to When Water Comes To Life. The song builds linearly and unapologetically. Strings manage the crescendo’s and the drums carry us forward like an unstoppable tide. You’ll leave this song feeling renewed.