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Demon King Daimao Review – A Good Harem Anime in 2010

Demon King Daimao Review – A Good Harem Anime in 2010

Demon King Daimao or Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (in Japanese) is a good harem anime. It is safe to say that the enjoyment of this anime can be inversely proportional to the amount of plot stuffed into a single episode. Simply, the more plot, the less fun. As a harem anime, it does not exist to focus on the brain. You ought to know that if you are going to watch this anime, then you are watching it for a great laugh and also a little smirk. You will like the battle scenes, and you’ll never learn the characters names since it refer to them by hair color.


This anime begins quite strong for me, it’s funny, it’s fairly paced, the characters are interesting, and even though there are hints of being slightly generic on occasion in the first few of episodes, I laid off them as everything else was good.

The intro begins at a train station, the main protagonist Sai Akuto gets on the train to his new school with expectations of becoming a priest, how completely wrong his dreams will grow to be though.


The art was a little to simple. It felt kind of like fluidity and motion were truly nice but left more to wish when someone was not kicking ass. If you were to compare this to varied other harem anime, it just does not appear to be much different visually. But that is okay. It has awesome battle scenes.


Aki Toyosaki does a very amazing job as Soga Keena, but if you do not like her then I suggest turning the volume off, she will get lots of screen time, and speaks a crap load. Aoi Yuuki had an excellent voice too. She voiced a monotone character, but did a cool job making it sound not as monotone. I truly had no affection toward the OP or even the ED. But they suited a harem anime perfectly, and perhaps you will like them because music can be a developed taste.


The main cast is a pallet of fun. Everyone has different hair color and unique dere so they are easy to differentiate. That is where the harem anime has the many trouble. A harem offers set archetypal characters and won’t create an original endearing woman. I am not stating that any woman in this anime is badly written. Each one is written with her personality in mind, but never strays from what the book states. Red is airhead, Blue is tsundere, Purple is masochist, and Green is emotionless. Every one of them can be summed up in one word.


Despite numerous things working against this anime, you will find a lot of moments where you will seriously just laugh. I enjoyed an excellent portion of this anime. The only issue I truly had was with the plot. But that is okay! I remembered that it was a harem anime and anyone who does not remember this main factor ought to try to understand that some brainless humor is great once in a while.