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Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, House (Popular Music Review)

Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, House (Popular Music Review)

Avicii — Levels

Keeping dance floors packed around the world is electro chart topper Levels by Swedish Super DJ and producer Avicii. This globally accepted electronic track laced with strings, synthetic bass and an infectious blend of electrifying tempos, build ups and breakdowns that keep listeners all over grasping onto every bar of this favorite across the map and has all walks of life and tastes in music united in their enthusiasm over this progressive house electronic masterpiece. This 2011 anthem that samples Etta James’s “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” caught fire in the summer and has been burning up the charts throughout 2011 and will usher in the New Year with as much momentum as it started with. At the age of 22 Avicii continues to flirt with greatness and Levels is arguably his best work to date. This track as well as DJ Skrillex’s remix of Avicii’s global hit Levels are two very good reasons to jump on the electronic, house and dubstep bandwagons.

Swedish House Mafia – Save the World

Inspiring the genius behind Levels is Swedish House Mafia, the DJ and producer trio of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Their instant classic, appropriately titled electronic summer smash Save the World is doing just that as it is guaranteed to get the blood flowing with its pulse-pumping pace and its smooth vocals and chorus by John Martin. The unquestioned hit of 2011, Save the World’s grasp on top of House music’s throne is celebrated worldly as its top charts in Belgium, the United States, Hungary and the United Kingdom. This single meshes a ridiculously catchy beat with hope inspiring smooth lyrical content that has enthusiasts of all music genres playing this house track in every electronic device from smart phone to club speaker religiously and on repeat. Save the World should be time capsuled as one of houses best efforts for future music lovers everywhere. With over 35 million YouTube hits to add to its already celebrated international prestige, Save the World is rapidly taking over the world.

Dada Life – Happy Violence

Swedish electro house duo Dada Life created Happy Violence in 2011 and have been murdering the soles of club goers’ shoes and pumps, scuffing up dance floors on every continent ever since. This club banging 2011 electronic anthem charged with synth lines and a bass heavy enough to drop the crowd through the dance floor down to the basement while providing enough energy with its kicks and drops to keep those fleets marching up the stairs to get up and do it all over again. There is no rhythm required to enjoy this popular track; jump, head bang, or enjoy this song with eyes closed and let this ultra-vibrant track guide your body through the motions. Pound for pound this track is eye-level with all of the other electro heavy weights and is undisputed in its guarantee to make sweat leak from every pore until the club lights go on or the sun comes up. Happy Violence has the ability to make the people whom wander past the exit sign look like the make-up smeared and bathed in sweat zombied versions of the glammed up individuals who entered the club just hours prior.