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Electronic Music Belongs to Miami

Electronic Music Belongs to Miami

Miami is well renowned for its beach culture. First time visitors to the city usually head straight to South Beach to check out the beautiful people alternating on improving their tan or physique. But those in the know have associated Miami with something else for some time now; electronic music.

When the lights go out in Miami the parties start, and this has been the springboard for the electronic music scene to really take off. South Beach and Ocean Drive at night transform from beach culture to club culture, and throughout Miami bars and clubs play a mix of house, salsa, jazz and techno loud into the night.

The dance scene in Miami is really setting the standards for the rest of the world to follow. This is typified by the growing success of festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival. This legendary dance festival is now in its 11th year – which attracted more than 55,000 revellers in 2008 – winning the coveted accolade of Best International Dance Event. Some of the biggest names in dance music have performed the festival over the years, including Tiesto, Underworld, Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold.

The Ultra Music Festival was the closing event in 2009 for another of Miami’s milestone electronic music events; the Miami Winter Music Conference. The WMC as its known is the place to be for anyone connected to electronic music. It brings the electronic music world together for a series of events aimed at showcasing what this type of music has to offer, as well as providing an unrivalled concentration of top artists and promoters.

The Miami culture, coupled with the energy, drive and enthusiasm shown by music producers and promoters within Miami have really placed the city at the centre of the electronic music scene, not just in North America but throughout the world.

And as party destinations go, Miami is sure to offer visitors to the city a great night out. But there are a few ground rules to consider before stepping foot onto the Miami club scene. Firstly, Miami nights usually last well into the following morning, and typically don’t get into full swing until midnight, so be prepared for a long night. Secondly, dress for the occasion, as Miami clubs expect a well dressed clientele. And finally, have fun. It’s what it’s all about.

What’s more, regardless of the time of year you may choose to take your flights to Miami, it is good to know that you are sure to find a suitable club or festival that showcases the best in electronic music.