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Famous Men, Who Were Aries

Famous Men, Who Were Aries

Here is a list of top 10 famous men, who were Aries, but before that we would like to brief you about how an Aries man is in general. This will make it easier for you relate to the lives of the men as discussed below. An Aries man usually is an energetic and at the same time an impulsive man. They have an organized thought process, yet are passionate. The most interesting aspect of an Aries man is that he wants to conquer his own fears as he is scared in one way or the other. This lends them a unique strength of character which in turn helps them achieve success.

Adolf Hitler ­- This German dictator who changed history is an Aries man who had indoctrinated a whole nation at one point of time. His staunch beliefs, charisma, and the power of oration made him a distinct man in its own ways. He is still regarded as the greatest leaders of the world.

Al Gore – Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr. was the 45th Vice President of the U.S.A. This Democrat is an environmentalist along with being a politician. This Harvard graduate has played multiple roles in his life which includes a stint in the military, journalist, and later he joined active politics.

David Blaine – David Blaine White is an illusionist and is definitely the most well known endurance artists of the U.S. He compared to Harry Houdini and in fact he is quite an admired magician.

Eric Clapton -Eric Patrick Clapton is a man of several talents that include song writing, singing, and playing the guitar. His journey from The Yardbirds to being Eric Clapton was definitely that not easy. However with sheer hard work and the immeasurable talent certainly paved way to get through many difficulties.

Hugh Hefner – Hugh Marston “Hef” Hefner is one of the most famous publishers of all time. His magazine line called “Playboy” was one of its kind back in the early 1950’s. The year was 1953 that he distinctly remembers was the year when he raised money with furniture mortgage and a few investors to start up this adult magazine which was going to stun the world!

Henry James – Henry Jamesis a notable American writer of the 19th century who is popular for his imagery. Since he had been shuttling between Europe and the United States, he had experienced many exceptional things. He had given those experiences the flights of fantasy and spun words around them creating a make belief that his novels constantly expressed.

Kofi Annan – Kofi Atta Annan is an eminent personality who needs no introduction at all. This politician from Ghana had been the 7th Secretary General of the United Nations. This is not all about him as he has received the most prestigious award that anyone can think of which is the Nobel Prize in the year 2001 for peace. His contribution to the community is immense which is why he is respected by people all across world.

Larry Page – Lawrence”Larry” Page is an American entrepreneur and a computer genius. He is the co-founder of the famous search engine called Google win joint collaboration with Sergey Brin. He has shown how no idea is small and there is nothing called impossible. He was the youngest entrepreneur at a time and his labor that went into Google has transformed it into one of the trendiest search engines.

Pope Benedict XVI – Born as Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger in Germany, is the religious head of the Catholic Church. His papacy started in 2005 and he is quite an influential man in the Vatican. His fundamentals rest in teaching salvation and God’s unrestraint love for us. His charitable works have always been the topic of discussion and inspiration.

Tommy Hilfiger – Thomas Jacob “Tommy” Hilfiger is the final name that we can come up with among so many names. He is a renowned fashion designer who has become a brand that has been accepted as one the best brands worldwide. The brand has everything right from watches, bags, clothes, shoes to spectacles. This name has become a major brand name these days and there no doubts about it.

The reason why we have incorporated all these names has special relevance that you will notice once you recall their life stories. These men have lived up to the expectations of many and proven to be true Aries in a positive manner.