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Five Incredible Music Nerd Sites Better Seen With Satellite Internet

Five Incredible Music Nerd Sites Better Seen With Satellite Internet

There’s a whole lot more out there accessible because of the world wide web than anyone who isn’t a tech nerd could ever dream is possible. And it’s in a whole lot more fields than just those related to technology. After all, the interweb is a thriving community where anyone is able to be an instant expert on their particular field of interest. And this seriously comes in handy for anyone else who is spending their time on Google not just looking for simple answers to questions, but rather, anyone who is interested in something in particular. No matter what your particular niche might be, the world wide web has a spot for it if you have a fast enough connection.

Since the entire idea of the development of the net has been to allow people instant access to information that they hold dear, it’s no wonder that those upgrading from dial-up to satellite internet are finding more and more opportunities to pursue what it is that they hold close to their hearts. And for so many people who are surfing the net, their interest is definitely in music. After all, being able to download occasional mp3s and research particular bands is not just the world of the teenager who is obsessed with a current contemporary artist. There is a whole lot more out there, and it’s definitely worthwhile to check out what it’s all about.

If you’re interested in music, there’s no better connection for those on rural connections than satellite internet to be able to actually have access to everything. And with music blogs and various websites, you truly do have an entire history of a particular band to click through whenever you want. Whether it’s a major group like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or an up-and-coming artist who might be more obscure, music blogs know how to provide the right kind of content.

For music fans with new satellite internet connections, here are five incredible music nerd sites that make downloads and finding out the latest on your favorite groups not just feasible, but downright easy.

My Old Kentucky Blog has been there since the beginning (in this instance, the beginning means the early 2000s). This means that you are able to enjoy the latest recommendations by someone who is actually music-savvy alongside some of the better studio sessions available out there in cyberspace. An excellent place for those who are interested in new music to hang out on the web.

Largehearted Boy understands how important it is to be able to index other music blogs instantly, but because you have an actual person at the control, it won’t be like the other more impersonal blogs you might encounter while using your new satellite internet connection. Definitely a must-see blog, and one that is able to enjoy a whole lot more than those websites devoted to a particular genre.

Pitchfork is not an official music blog, per say, which is to say that it is not run by a single person. Nonetheless, this independent dose of music is able to provide everything from even-handed record reviews to the odd mp3 that is launching before an album comes out. A haven for tastemakers and those interested in the future of music.

Stereogum has been around since the whole music blogging phase first started, but unlike other music blogs that have fallen victim to advertisers and demands, it stands strong. If you get a recommendation, it’s actually going to be based on whether or not a record is great. And really, what else could a music lover want?

If you want to find out the history of a particular artist or see how many records one producer actually had a hand in, you don’t need to look any further than Discography.com. The go-to source for those with faster internet connections, you can find out who was on particular releases, and also put your satellite internet connection to good use figuring out which vinyl records you need to be sleuthing for in the real life, too.