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Get Smarter by Playing the Piano

Get Smarter by Playing the Piano

This is a short story about a guy named Prometheus, how he became an amazing keyboard player, and brain waves. Recently, he started thinking about buying a Yamaha keyboard when he discovered that piano music can be good for his brain and overall health. It turns out that more than simply providing a pleasant tune, the sound of classical music, especially from a piano, brings the mind and body into a more relaxed and open state.

This more relaxed state is known as the alpha brain wave. There’s four brain main brain waves that go from more tense and stressed to relaxed and open, yet focused. These are the beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves, and much research has shown that listening to the soothing sound of classical music naturally relaxes one’s brain waves into the alpha and pre-theta stages. Alpha is more of a brain wave state that one has while contently reading a good book that they enjoy, for instance. Theta is a state where creative ideas, high imagination, and even epiphanies occur. This information is what prompted Prometheus to buy that new Yamaha keyboard.

Originally, he was thinking of buying an electric guitar to practice on, but as he became more interested in the mind-body connection and doing things that could raise his I.Q. and lower his stress, he decided to look at the Yamaha keyboards that he saw sitting next to the guitar. He purchased it and within a year was dazzling his friends with beautiful music. Life was also becoming more simple: his sleeping improved and his focus increased.

One might think that playing on a keyboard isn’t enough to make someone smarter, but the research keeps coming in on a positive note. For a while now, researchers have known of something called the Mozart Effect. It seems that listening to his music has produced lowered blood pressure and better spatial reasoning skills in people who listened to it for 10 minutes or more. Some skeptics believe that this would not happen without a prior appreciation of the music to begin with. In other words, if you don’t like it, then it’s not going to help out. However, many studies have been been done since this effect was first noticed in the early 90s, and it looks like listening to Mozart does put one in that correct state to think more clearly.

This clear state is what Prometheus first noticed when he started practicing on that Yamaha keyboard, and now he considers it an addiction as he begins to play and those good feelings immerse his being. Playing is the best part of his day, and it might be a new hobby that one might want to pick up that can boost intelligence and relieve stress at the same time.