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Gwyneth Paltrow: American Actress and Singer

Gwyneth Paltrow: American Actress and Singer

On Sept. 27, 1972, Gwyneth Kate Paltrow was born into the world in Los Angeles, California. The baby girl was the oldest child of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow, and the couple would have a boy named Jake a few years later. Little Gwyneth was born into an artistic family, with mom Blythe earning a Tony Award for her acting. Her father Bruce was a prolific film and television producer who was famous for shows such as “St. Elsewhere” and “White Shadow.”

Having grown up in the entertainment industry, it is no surprise that both Gwyneth and Jake ended up in the same industry as their parents did, as well as in very similar roles to boot. Jake would go on to be a director like his father, while Gwyneth would become an actor like her mother. The family reveled in their artistic pursuits, with both Blythe and Bruce having great pride in their children’s choice of careers.

Gwyneth first entered the acting world in 1991, when she wasn’t quite twenty. She had a small supporting role the musical drama “Shout,” which featured John Travolta and up-and-coming actress Heather Graham. That same year, she landed a tiny role in the all-star film called “Hook,” featuring actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, and Julia Roberts.

She toiled for several more years in small roles, including roles in a few made-for-TV movies and more supporting turns in films with big stars, such as “Malice” with Alec Baldwin and “Flesh and Bone” with Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. In 1995, she got a fairly big role in “Jefferson in Paris,” which began a series of films where she finally began to get some notice by casting directors. It was the first of many big parts that began the trajectory of her career.

After “Jefferson in Paris,” she was cast in the grisly crime drama “Se7en” opposite Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, who she would famously become engaged to later, although the couple eventually broke off and never made to the altar. Her next role was the lead in “Sliding Doors,” which she followed up with another lead in “Great Expectations” opposite Ethan Hawke. Her star was rising steadily, with movie fans finally recognizing her name.

All of that initial success paled in comparison to what happened next. She was cast opposite Joseph Fiennes in the huge international hit “Shakespeare in Love,” which earned her nominations for several awards. She would go on to win the biggest of them all, the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Suddenly, she went from merely a popular actress to a famous movie star, becoming a household name just under a decade after her initial role in “Shout.”

Gwyneth’s personal life wasn’t quite as settled as her professional life when she won her Oscar. At the time of her big win, she was in the middle of an on-again, off-again relationship with fellow actor Ben Affleck. They broke things off for good in 2000 after working on the drama “Bounce,” which had them cast as romantic interests for each other. She remained single for two years afterwards, until she was invited to go backstage during a Coldplay concert in 2002. She was introduced to the lead singer of the British super band, a man by the name of Chris Martin. The two were smitten with each other and began dating soon after meeting.

A year after meeting, Gwyneth became pregnant with the couple’s first child. They quickly married in a very private ceremony in a hotel room in California on Dec. 5, 2003. Six months later, she gave birth to daughter Apple Blythe Allison Martin in London, where she moved to be with her husband. Two years later, the couple had a son, whom they named Moses Bruce Anthony Martin.

Gwyneth’s career slowed down considerably after her first pregnancy. She went on record as saying that she might not work for ages, because she loved being a mother and didn’t want to hire a nanny to take care of her child like most actresses did. After becoming a mom, however, she still starred in several films-mostly in supporting roles-including the 2008 hit “Iron Man,” where she played Pepper Potts, the secretary to lead Robert Downey Jr. Later, she would appear in two sequels to the film and in “The Avengers,” though her role in that film was fairly small. During this time, she also made some television appearances, including a recurring singing role in “Glee,” for which she won an Emmy Award.

After becoming a mom, Gwyneth decided to share her knowledge and passions with the world by writing two cookbooks and starting the website Goop.com, which features recipes and life tips. Since she won her Oscar, acting may have taken a backseat to motherhood, but Gwyneth is still a household name and is expanding her empire one cookbook and lifestyle article at a time.

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