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How Nickelback Got to Where They Are Today

How Nickelback Got to Where They Are Today

Nickelback is a rock band made up of 5 compelling musicians. Their personalities, talent and skill, along with the stories in each song, are what keep their fans around, and continually attract new audiences. Nickelback attracts audiences of all ages, if you appreciate music and art; you will definitely enjoy the performance this band offers.

Nickelback began their career in the mid to late 90’s – originally inspired by a band known as “Creed”. They; however, had a passion and drive that pushed them to be more successful than their inspiration. Their venture was not an easy one, nor one that happened overnight, they faced many struggles and bumps on their journey to the top. Today; however, it does seem as if they began right where they are – at the top.

The lead singer of Nickelback – Chad Kroeger – started his singing career working with many local bands in Hanna. Chad knew in order to conquer his dreams he would have to begin performing in bigger cities at bigger venues. It was at this point that he, and his brother Mike, went to Vancouver.

In 1996, two more musicians joined Chad and Mike on their adventure – Ryan Vikedal and Ryan Peake. This is when the group decided to call themselves Nickelback. (Nickelback was a clever name, devised from a catch phrase Mike would say to his customers when he worked at Starbucks.)

These musicians were not only talented, but also passionate about their dreams. They did the own PR work – talking to radio stations and clubs, booked and advertised their own shows, along with creating their own YouTube website. It was not too long before their talent began to catch on and the group began to have a following. This same year – 1996 – they released official songs – “Hesher” and “Curb” and began touring.

By the year, 2000 Canadian stations were looking to showcase local bands – the perfect opportunity for Nickelback. This is when the band released “The State”. This song, along with over 200 bookings, is what caught the attention of recording artists. Two recording firms, EMI and Roadrunner Records, signed a contract with Nickelback for distribution rights of “The State” – at this point there was no turning back.

Ryan Vikedal left the band in 2005, which opened the door for Daniel Adair. Even with such a drastic change, the band kept their fans and continued to flourish. “All the Right Reasons” – their 2005 album release – was one of their most successful albums; it was on the top 30 charts for two years. Over 7-million copies of this album have been sold, and that is just in the U.S.A.

The passion that drives Nickelback is what makes them so special and what captivates thousands of audiences each year. Their music is beyond phenomenal, and their shows are even better. (They actually entice audiences to participate in their shows!) Their energy quickly spreads throughout the entire audience; you cannot help but enjoy your time at one of their performances. Their 2009 tour is in full swing; get tickets now while you still have a chance!