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If You Learn to Play Violin You Won’t Regret It

If You Learn to Play Violin You Won’t Regret It

Throughout a large number of regions the violin is deemed stodgy. For many, orchestras immediately come to mind when they think of this instrument. Its versatility has been proven time and time again in recent years as it is appearing in all forms of music.

While the violin isn’t the freshest instrument on the scene, it is by no means the oldest. Nero was falsely reported to have played it during the great fire of Rome as it had not been invented yet. It actually came onto the scene in the 16th century. Since its birth, it has gone through several evolutions. Some of these are major and some are minor.

Higher, more voluminous notes were possible after some alterations to the fingerboard. The neck was also lengthened to raise pitch. Original violins were made with heavier bass bars and had their necks nailed and glued (the necks of today’s violins are mortised to the body).

There were some legendary luthiers who created violins that not only endured in time, but improved. There are only about six hundred Stradivari violins left, but each is worth an estimated five million dollars. The most notable change was the creation of the electric violin. This popped up during the 20th century.

The violin’s change in image isn’t due solely to the electric model. It was the styles of the people who played it rather than the instrument that was limited.

Violins of all kinds can be seen across all genres of music. On a very popular show known as America’s Got Talent there was a group of hip-hop violinists known as “Nuttin’ But Stringz.” I mention this because of the show’s massive fan base. Those appearances have done a major part in changing the violin’s image.

By bouncing the violin’s bow you can give the instrument a new style. Some skilled violinists can play “Smooth Criminal,” a crowd favorite, as well as any other song imaginable. If you have mastered the violin, you don’t have to ask yourself whether or not it is possible to play a song on your instrument, you can simply play and enjoy any favorites you have.

While some investments are questionable, your violin, and your knowledge of it, won’t be. Though the violin is gaining a new image, being able to play it can look good on various applications. The benefits of learning an instrument is like that of learning a new language. It opens up and stimulates new areas of the mind, so just by learning the violin you can become more intelligent. And, if you have a quality violin that you take care of, it will appreciate in value with time.

Now is the best time in history to learn the violin as well. You have new learning options. You can now learn online very cheaply. You can find such courses for under $30. Being able to learn this way makes it so you don’t have to spend any unnecessary travel or scheduling time, so you have more time to practice and advance. You can choose when you learn and how fast.