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Improve Your Online Dating Profile With a Few Tips

Improve Your Online Dating Profile With a Few Tips

Many people I speak to are disappointed with their online dating results. Typically, these people have very high expectations about internet-based dating sites – they expect to meet the ‘love of their life’ simply by joining a particular site, then doing a few searches, and sending a couple of messages to other site members they like the look of.

The truth is quite different. Online dating takes considerable effort, patience and commitment. Sure, some people connect with someone special very quickly using dating sites, but this is rare and not the common experience.

In this article, I’ll look at ways you can improve your chances in the dating game. I don’t guarantee results, but if you follow some of my advice, you’ll have a much better chance of meeting someone special online. What I have to say, by the way, is not ‘rocket science’ – most of it is just plain common sense!

The first assumption that people make is that using online dating is somehow ‘easy’. You just put your details on there, and hundreds of ideal prospective partners will be sending you message after enticing message. Sure, it’s a convenient technology, but you really do have to put considerable thought and effort into presenting yourself well, just as you would going on a first date in the physical world.

So don’t treat internet dating casually. Have a profile which says more than a couple of worlds, such as ‘Just ask’, ‘Hi ya’ or ‘Tell u later’. These are slack and lazy profiles, and people won’t take you seriously.
The second thing is that you have to ‘market’ yourself. Internet dating is a ‘market’ and if you want to ‘win’, you need to think about how you present yourself, just as you would for an important job interview.

Marketing yourself involves writing a profile that is an engaging, accurate and attention-grabbing story all about you. People searching your dating site will only look at a profile for a few seconds, before viewing another. So make yours stand out from the crowd. You can do this in several ways: by being funny, arousing curiosity, or by being uniquely different from the thousands of other profiles. You have to present something that says, ‘pick me!’

The third point is that you need to present yourself, and your life as ‘interesting’. Not just interesting to anyone, but interesting to the person you’re specifically seeking. For instance, if you really value humor, then write a profile that you think your ideal partner will find funny. Or perhaps you are a committed conservationist – why not mention this, and furthermore be specific – what area of conservation? And why?
What you should avoid at all costs is a profile that makes you look ordinary, superficial, boring or just plain dumb. Have someone assist you if you find putting words together difficult. Ask friends for help.

The fourth point is that I recommend you keep your profile fresh. Update it from time to time. If you’re getting too many contacts from the type of people you’re not interested in, maybe review your profile and see why you’re attracting these kinds of people. Above all, to succeed in online dating, you need to be persistent. Not only in searching and messaging other people, but in actually continuing to use the service, even if you think it’s not working for you.

Finally, it’s always good to have a great photo of yourself alongside your online profile information. The photo should be recent, not too dark or light, and presents you in a way that you’re really happy with. Think about photos of other people on the site that you really like, and use some of their ideas. A genuine smile goes a long way in the dating world.

So my advice, in short, is to persist with online dating. It’s a fantastic way to meet someone, but your chances of success can be greatly improved by doing some common sense things such as presenting yourself well using a well-written and unique profile, accompanied by an attractive photo.