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Kensington Has a Lot to Offer the Excited Tourist

Kensington Has a Lot to Offer the Excited Tourist

If you are wondering what you could do at Kensington, we would like to tell you more about what West London has on offer for you, so please read on and be well informed for the same. Kensington as a place is known to be very populated and very rich. Known also for its affluence along with its rich culture, the place is thronged by visitors from across the globe every year. This is because Kensington offers great sightseeing opportunities and other entertainment clauses which would mean, there is something for everyone to do, see and experience around town.

1. You could be visiting the famous museums around Kensington and even check out the love places of historical nature. Don’t forget to drop by the famous Royal Albert Hall which is iconic in itself. Over here you would be treated to a musical extravaganza and apart from that there are many other famous museums in Kensington right on the famous Exhibition Road as well.

2. If you love shopping, Kensington cannot disappoint. No matter what your age group is or what your shopping tastes maybe, Kensington has something always ready for everyone. It is a chance for you to hit the high streets and to have all the possible items you would like to pick whilst your tour happens in the city. You should be at Kings Road to have the best experience of shopping around Kensington, say tourists who have been there.

3. Fancy eating your hearts fill and washing it down with local drinks, try the pubs around Kensington. The pub experience around Kensington is what most talk about. If you are around Kensington or even around Chelsea for that matter, you would surely love to unwind and relax with your folks at any of the pubs which treat you like family rather than guests who come by. To enjoy the best of the local British delicacies, try the restaurants and cafes which dot the town and its fringes.

4. Are you a movie buff? It could be a blockbuster today or even one of the local films produced, Kensington will treat your visual senses no doubt. Plenty of cinema halls would feature every kind of movie that you would dream of. If you like independent and parallel movies, Kensington has that as well for you, and yes you do have blockbusters being featured every Friday evening, so don’t miss the first day first show fury!

5. Now when you are in Kensington, it would be nice to visit the home of the world’s most favorite princess, Princess Diana. You would get to learn a lot about the late princess and her royal ways as well. If you walk around one and half miles in Kensington, where the late princess would always be seen roaming when she came visiting, you would be walking literally in her steps.

6. Sights and sounds of Kensington can blow your mind off and you would want to stay back to enjoy more. From parks to galleries, monuments to open spaces, the entire day would be busy for you moving around Kensington and enjoying the vibrancy of the place.

With so much on offer in Kensington, you would surely thank your lucky stars that you spent every minute worth every penny well spent.