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Loud Music? Complain No More

Loud Music? Complain No More

Rattling windows. Shaking floors. Deep rumbling from behind the walls. If it sounds like an earthquake outside of your home, but in fact is your child practicing with his band or your neighbor’s loud music, complain no more. We know that loud music and hearing loss go hand in hand. So if it’s not your loud music, why should you have to suffer the consequences?

According to the American Hearing Research Foundation, noise induced hearing loss is a permanent hearing impairment resulting from prolonged exposure to high levels of noise. One in 10 Americans has a hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech. In addition to this alarming news, the American Hearing Research Foundation also states that there has recently been an increase in hearing loss in youngsters, caused in most part by loud music along with increased use of portable radios with earphones.

With so much at stake, and the likelihood of your children giving up their loud music being so slim, it’s important to protect your home against such sound.

There are two simple ways to do this:

The first would be to use Peacemaker Sound Insulation. Peacemaker Sound Insulation is a material that can be installed between walls in a home, on ceilings, as well as under floors to reduce noise while also protecting against moisture. It is an eco-friendly, sound deadening material that is also an affordable option to soundproofing your home. It is mostly used to reduce the transmission of sound between walls, floors, or ceilings, thus is the most permanent and viable option to blocking outside noise.

If it just so happens that you or someone you live with is the source of loud music, and hearing loss seems unavoidable, you may want to consider using Audimute Sound Absorption sheets. Audimute Sound Absorption sheets reduce volume levels by as much as 60 percent by reflecting noise and absorbing echoes and reverberation. These sheets can be easily hung using Megaclips, which provides a highly effective yet portable sound absorption solution. The material has also been tested in an acoustic laboratory and recorded an impressive NRC rating of .70. (Please refer to our website for an explanation of what this rating really means and why it is so important in soundproofing)

Using one of these two options will help ensure that you and your family will not be one of the ten Americans reported as having permanent hearing loss due to loud music.