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“Low Millions” Adam Cohen Dishes on His Ex Girlfriends and What Wets His Appetite!

“Low Millions” Adam Cohen Dishes on His Ex Girlfriends and What Wets His Appetite!

Adam Cohen is the front man of the band Low Millions (Current hit on the radio “Statue” and recent debut cd EX-GIRLFRIENDS) and backing him up is a group of some very talented musicians! Guitarist Michael Chaves has recently worked along side John Mayer, but has an impressive list of credentials to follow that up. Bassist Jorgen Carlsson and drummer Erik Eldenius both grew up in Sweden and have performed with an array of other famous artists. But, whomever they have played with, it has obviously given them such a quality of musicianship and performance that would leave any audience, a little breathless and wanting more “millions”!

Adam Cohen is every bit a performer and true to his musical genes (son of the legendary Leonard Cohen), his stage presence is more flashy than his father, but his commentary throughout concert performances always show his natural quick wit and charm! The chemistry he has with his band mates is a good one at best, but there seems to be more of a connection with guitarist Michael Chaves, partly because of their shared musical influences (Prince, U2, Roxy Music and The Police)- no doubt and on stage they’re electric! Most bands of today get caught uwith on stage bravado and do their own thing, with some interaction with the singer, however Adam and his crew remain “poetry in motion”. If they are in your city and want a seductive and charmed evening, then buy your self a ticket. (You can’t win if you don;t buy a ticket!) It doesn’t cost millions to see this band, so GET YOUR TICKET!

Low Millions and Orlena

(Terroni’s on Yonge, with Low Millions Adam Cohen and Michael Chaves.)

Adam Cohen and Michael Chaves, are not an unlikely paring for this interview. Their knowledge of one another extends over the past few years; however their bond is of brotherly love and admiration for one another’s musical artillery.

Hospitable, Adam asks me if there is anything I would like to drink and asks his EMI music team to get me something, but I am much too eager to drink anything and want to get down to “business” with them. Although, at times it’s difficult – they’re very charming and clever when it comes to speaking to women, which doesn’t surprise me since Adam tells me that it was hard for him to scale the latest cd EX-GIRLFRIENDS (an album, pretty much unofficially dedicated to some of his favourites girls on his list of many) down to just 11 songs.

It’s around 2:50pm and Adam and Michael have been all across Toronto, doing press interviews, TV appearances and radio interviews, which explain the choice in location, since it is directly across from CHUM radio studios. They performed an live acoustic version of their song “Eleanor” for the entire city of Toronto to hear.
Here are some of my favourite out-takes of our interview:

OC: Adam, you’ve been called the modern Sade…if she were a Frenchmen…. can you move like her? Maybe tonight at the show, you can give us a sample.

Adam: I probably can give a convincing shot at it. Are you coming?

OC: Of course!

Adam: If we call on you tonight, will you come up and dance?

OC: Sure I will…. I think I have some moves. I think I would have to fight off a few of the women tonight to get to the stage though.

Adam: Don’t f#$* around with me. If I call on you, you better be there!

We all share a laugh and then get back into things…although the idea of dancing with him is tempting… focus! focus!

OC: Your latest CD is Ex-Girlfriends it’s about your ex-girlfriends, which I have heard that you did not change their names to protect the innocent or guilty?

Adam: Yes, that is true, the songs originate from experiences that I’ve had. I may have written all of the songs (except for Mockingbird, Here She Comes and Low Millions) but I see the songs as mannequins and these clever musicians in the band are the style, the flair and the dress of the songs. The only problem that I had writing about all of them, were the ones I didn’t write about calling me, asking me why I didn’t write about them or invite them to the photo shoot? But, the ones that I did write about, on looks alone, you can see why anyone would be so moved to write a song about them!

More laughter fills the room from Michael and myself…

OC: There is a song on the album called Diary, where you read one of the ladies diaries and find out some interesting things…is that true?

Adam: Yes, she knows exactly who she is, but I would have read my own journal at the time. I was hard pressed for good literature and that’s what I read.

OC: Are you looking for new Ex-Girlfriends?

Adam: No.

OC: Michael, you have quite an affinity for Canadian artists (worked with Sarah Mac Lachlan – Adam Cohen).

Michael: Yes.

Adam: Yeah, baby!

Michael: (laughing) I have a HUGE admiration for Daniel Lanois, but also have enjoyed bands such as RUSH in the past. What musician hasn’t tried to play Tom Sawyer? But, I would also like to work with Avril Lavigne.

Adam: Yeah…I would like to work with her! I’d love to collaborate intimately with Avril Lavigne.

OC: Any other artists that you like?

Adam: Beyonce! I love Beyonce…I think she is a gem in a pile the rubble of R&B artists. She is the real deal…love her…she is a queen! But I have nothing for her that she would be interested in I am sure…nothing for her…(more laughter from Adam…he is full of that!)

OC: Adam, you have had some interesting moments with so many women, any famous moments?

Adam: Once I crossed paths with Grace Jones in an airport in Heathrow; sitting side by side in the plane and when we got out she asked me if she could borrow a hundred Francs for a taxi ride. When I told her I had none, she insisted I go to a cash machine and get some for her. She was very, very forceful with me. Let me tell you, there is nothing sexy about getting hustled for cab fare. So standing over my shoulder after I withdrew insufficient funds from my account, we parted ways.

OC: In some of your songs you reference taste a lot. In the song “HEY JANE” you say you want to go out into the night and taste it. What flavour would it be?

Adam: Honeysuckle and Juniper.

Michael: Chocolate. Any and all things chocolate melted and can be licked off. But if you were to ask me later tonight it may be something different…..like Petrone ( rare tequila) – that’s the Condor’s favourite!

OC: The Condor? Is that some sort of alias?

Now the laughter really begins to flow between Adam and Michael and I can only imagine what kind of fun the two of them could get up to!

Adam: Wait…no….Honeysuckle and Lichee. Love Lichee…. I have a huge appetite………mmmmmmmmmmm!

OC: I bet!