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Male Grooming: The Rise of the ‘Metrosexual’

Male Grooming: The Rise of the ‘Metrosexual’

There was a time when a man would express little concern about his appearance. Male beauty was regarded in a very different way to female, and it was marketed accordingly.

Through most of the twentieth century, products for skin, hair, lips and eyes were almost exclusively sold for women.

However, during the last part of the twentieth century, particularly in the nineties, masculinity experienced a shift that encouraged male grooming.

Popular music, such as the Backstreet Boys, included male singers with a ‘clean cut’ look. This put men, who looked very polished, in the public eye. Celebrities, such as David Beckham, were seen tanned, groomed and wearing a sarong. This completely changed the concept of how a man should look and gave rise to the idea of the ‘metrosexual’.

The ‘metrosexual’ man is the man who takes care of his appearance. He is a metropolitan figure, so he is usually involved in city life, has a cosmopolitan lifestyle and is interested in looking good. To cater for this new type of man and his beauty regime, a wide range of grooming products were made available.
For the hair, there are numerous products. These include: hair gel, hair wax and hair paste. Gel provides a wet look, wax gives more hold and it lasts longer. Hair paste is usually more matte, which means that it reduces shine and stops hair from looking greasy.

Taking care of teeth has aesthetic worth, as well as for health reasons. Men are more frequently using whitening toothpaste to eradicate stains from tea, coffee, red wine and cigarettes. Also included in their beauty routine is dental floss, to get between teeth, and mouthwash.

A range of products that have received high demand is male skincare. Overlooked until recent times, there is now a wide range of products for all male skin types.

Face scrubs for men are a great option for normal to oily skin as they exfoliate dead skin cells and help unclog pores, which can prevent blemishes and breakouts. Cleansers and toners can be used on the skin, which helps to close pores and keeps the skin firm.

To combat dryness, there is a wide range of moisturisers that keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. These are in lotion form for dry skin types, or gel form for oily skin.

The rise in male grooming products parallels the rise of the ‘metrosexual’. Male beauty regimes are being celebrated across the globe as they are helping men to take care of their physical appearance. They help men to feel good about themselves, and encouraging positive self image should always be promoted.