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Michael Hutchence of INXS – Compatibility With Paula Yates and Paula With Bob Geldof

Michael Hutchence of INXS – Compatibility With Paula Yates and Paula With Bob Geldof

Here is a quick recap of his numerology/astrology:

Birthday: 22nd January 1960

Being a rock star, and living that kind of lifestyle, suits his life path number (3) and expression number (1) down to the ground. 3 and 1 are all about expression and creativity (3), and being bold, a leader (1). People with a 22 birthday are generally endowed with special tendencies towards leadership and inspiration.

But he also has soul number 4 and personality 6, which is totally at odds with this, and will have created considerable conflict within himself. 4 and 6 desires order and domestic bliss, and is directly opposite to the 3’s childlike and scattered energies.

His Astrology conflicts badly as well with the 4 and 6. Aquarians are unique, with a strong need for freedom, not to be tied down, as against the need for structure of the 4 and the harmony in relationships and home of the 6. What a mix!

Compatibility with Paula Yates

Paula Yates’s numerology, Michael Hutchence’s numerology

24 April 1959 – 7 – passive 22 January 1960 − 3 − passive


– – – – -99 – – 6 – 9

2 – 5 – – – 22 – – –

1 – 44 – – 11 – – –

Paula’s numerology:

Paula was a Life Path 7 and so she would be a thinker, a seeker of truth. Despite outward appearances, she would be quite introverted and have a rich inner life. A 7’s life can be marked by easy success, things coming to them relatively easily, and they are often uninterested in practical, down-to-earth matters. They will be independent and crave solitude at times. Their lifepath will contain many situations which are opportunities to explore deeper issues, and question themselves, enabling them to develop their powers of judgment and perspective. These situations can be happy or sad, sometimes arduous, or even unjust, causing them to rebel and cut themselves off from society rather than ask for help. They need to stay calm and use their intelligence and knowledge to succeed in the outside world.

Paula also has passive characteristics.

Passive 7: Sceptical, inferiority complex, cynical, cold; thinks rather than acts; secretive, prone to emotional withdrawal.

Paula Elizabeth Yates, Michael Kelland John Hutchence

Life path number: 7 − passive Life Path number: 3 − passive

Expression number: 11/2 Expression number: 1

Personality number: 7 Personality number: 6

Soul number: 4 Soul number: 4

They have the same soul number (4), which is an important number in numerology to be compatible, but the other numbers are less compatible. Their life path numbers (7 and 3) are less compatible − but it depends.

3 and 7 is an interesting combination because this relationship could be over with in a matter of weeks or stay powerful and exciting for life. 3 has a restless, unconventional energy, keen to explode the boundaries of creativity. 7 is much more serious, seeking deeper truths, but at the same time also has an unconventional streak. Although they have different needs and different ways of finding happiness, they are not necessarily incompatible. Both being unconventional, they are also able to give each other something they would not find in themselves.

Their expression and personalities numbers are at least complementary (2 to 1 and 7 to 6) but not especially compatible. Her life path number is at odds with her own expression and soul number as well. As we know, Michael’s numbers aren’t particularly compatible with himself either. Michael’s 1 and 3 are compatible, and so is his 4 and 6, but they are not compatible with each other. Paula’s two 7s are compatible and so are her expression no. 2 and soul no. 4, but they are not compatible with each other (7 with 2 or 4).

Astrological compatibility:

Taurus (Paula) – Aquarian (Michael)

These two can both have a stubborn streak that will make them want to make a stand and dig their toes in so hard it hurts.

Taureans are terrific, but on a bad day, a Bull (Paula) can be as stubborn as a mule, and an Aquarian (Michael), who’s usually full of fun, can throw a funny turn and be as heavy as lead. When they both make a stand over something, the world could crash down around them and they even wouldn’t budge!

Neither of them likes to give in. And that’s just about the only area where they’ll have something in common. They’ll both be very loyal, and if they have a firm foundation to their affair, they’ll stick like glue to each other through thick and thin.

So some compatibility there but mostly incompatible, I would say.

A reading that includes Paula Yates wouldn’t be complete without looking at her compatibility with Sir Bob Geldof.

Paula Yates and Bob Geldof compatibility

Paula Elizabeth Yates Sir Bob Geldof

Life path number: 7 − passive Life Path number: 22/4 − passive

Expression number: 11/2 Expression number: 1

Personality number: 7 Personality number: 3

Soul number: 4 Soul number: 7

Astrology: Taurus Astrology: Libra

The first thing of note is that Sir Bob is a life path 22, and so will also have special qualities of leadership and inspiration (more so than Michael, who is a 22 birthday, not life path).

Now, at first sight their life path numbers seems to be completely at odds: 7 (which is about mysticism and higher learning), with the 4 (which is about down-to-earth, practical, structure and stability). Opposite ends of the spectrum. However, the 7 and 4 lifepath numbers can be strangely compatible, if they can learn to compromise.

It is also interesting that Paula is a Taurus, which is an earth sign, and will provide some balance to the always thinking mind, and he is Libra, an air sign (the opposite of earth), which will provide some balance to his down-to-earth practicality. So each has a balance of ground and air, earth and heaven. And look at their soul numbers − again, 4 and 7 but opposite to their lifepath numbers…

So they both have 7s and 4s in their numbers, just in different areas. They are both passive as well.

Astrological compatibility:

Taurus (Paula) – Libra (Bob)

Because they’re both ruled by Venus, there’s a lot of harmony between them which could be described as heavenly!

The planet of love, Venus, will have an effect on each sign but in different directions. Taureans (Paula) are one of the Earth signs, so Venus will make them more tactile. But because Librans belong to the Air signs (Bob), they’ll be lighter, with more charming, engaging ways. They’re like peaches and cream!

So on the one hand Paula is a 7 and all airy and light, non-conventional and off with the fairies, but she is also a Taurus, which is of the earth, which must give her some stability and groundedness. On the other hand, Bob is a lifepath 4, which is very grounded and earthy, but a Libran, which is an air sign. So again, this pair have counterbalancing qualities. Which is an interesting mix.

However, the basic incompatibility in their life path numbers 4 and 7 − they may be attracted to each other but there is a fundamental difference between 4s and 7s − must have made it too difficult for them to actually live together or at least stay together in a relationship.

And maybe Bob didn’t show Paula enough of the attention and the calm port out of the storm of life as she would have liked, being busy with his various important projects (22s are such important, busy builders in life), and so she sought comfort in the arms of another, with sadly disastrous consequences…

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It really helps to know your numerology/astrology and your compatibility with others. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Why live life without it?