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Music Review: “Never Thought I’d Say It” by Shelea is the Perfect Love Song for Valentine’s Day

Music Review: “Never Thought I’d Say It” by Shelea is the Perfect Love Song for Valentine’s Day

“Never Thought I’d Say It” was released October 29, 2013, on Sheléa’s Love Fell On Me album. I stumbled across the song while working on a music mixing project. Sheléa Frazier, a singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer, has found herself in great places within the music industry. She was able to get a start in the industry by working as an associate of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Nevertheless, her singing voice is one that is truly mesmerizing. Sheléa’s voice brings life to the song lyrics for “Never Thought I’d Say It,” which transforms it into a powerful love ballad. This love song is capable of tugging at the inner motions of anyone who has already experienced or is currently caught up in a moment of love. This makes “Never Thought I’d Say It” the perfect love song for Valentine’s Day.

After listening to the first line of the first verse of this song, it had my complete attention. By the time I heard the pre-chorus, I was completely mesmerized by the song. The song does a great job at revealing the sweetest and best aspects of Sheléa’s vocal abilities. In the world of music, producers, engineers, and managers work hard to find the perfect song choice that will present a recording artist in the best way possible. For Sheléa, this song is it! The lyrics, vocal arrangement, and music composition work together like magic. The backing vocals are soft, perfectly placed, and well-harmonized behind Sheléa’s lead vocal. In addition, Sheléa’s vocal high points during the bridge of the song were done with perfection.

On the Love Fell On Me album, Sheléa had the pleasure of working with many great industry musicians and engineers including Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and Tony Shepperd, a professional mixing engineer and producer who has worked with Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Take 6, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Mandy Moore, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, The Disney Network, and many others. This album is definitely soundtrack worthy for film and television. As far as the music industry goes, Sheléa has done justice for the world of R&B with the song “Never Thought I’d Say It.” She is a very talented artist with a multifaceted voice that truly cannot be tied to any specific genre. Sheléa is talented enough to sing whatever her heart and mind desires. Nevertheless, “Never Thought I’d Say It” by Sheléa is definitely my song of choice for this coming Valentine’s Day.