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My Experience With the Sounds of the Ether CD by Dr Joseph Michael Levry

My Experience With the Sounds of the Ether CD by Dr Joseph Michael Levry

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, a world renowned yogi, mystic, Universal Kabbalah Master and founder of Naam Yoga, has created two dozen breathtakingly beautiful CDs for meditation. Whether you practice yoga, meditation or any form of holistic healing, including massage, Reiki and everything in between, you’ll find something in these meditation music CDs that appeals to you. Below I’ve decided to review one of my favorites, although to be perfectly honest, I pretty much love them all!

The CD by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry that I absolutely cannot live without is The Sounds of the Ether. Appropriately named, because listening to these other-worldly melodies will make you feel like you’ve been lifted up high above the clouds with nothing but the peace and guidance of Heaven to surround and comfort you. The CD features five unique tracks. Four tracks include mantra or sacred prayers while the fifth, although seems like it’s purely instrumental, actually has very deep and powerful vocals that have to be heard to be believed. The original music is upbeat, soulful and all-around uplifting. So much so that purchasing this CD just for the beats alone is a bargain. The music, however, is just the beginning of the magic. The prayers recorded on each track are said to open the doors to opportunities and remove blocks to success. As someone who has had sufficient time to put this claim to the test, I can without a doubt attest to their powerful effects on not only my own life but my friends and family too.

Take the first track, for example, it has been specifically put on this CD for the sole purpose of giving the practitioner a powerful tool for getting through a challenge, out of a rut or just to break through any form of internal or external blocks. And let me tell you, it delivers big time. My brother Richard is a writer that writes for, among other things, a home-based business column, aspiring writers blog and several other publications. About a year ago he felt inspired to write a book about his own experience as a journalist turned entrepreneur. He launched into his new endeavor with immense passion and had finished more than half of the first draft within a week. Then, something happened. It’s like the fire had burnt out and Richard was lucky if he put two pages to paper by the end of a full day.

This went on for a couple of months and it quickly became obvious to me that Richard was suffering from a bad case of writer’s block. So what did I do being the good brother that I am? Yup, you guessed it. I gave the CD by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and instructed him to meditate along with the first track every morning. Within three days he began to find the spark that was missing slowly shine back into his life and by the end of the month he had finished the draft. He has since published his book and continues to do the meditation daily. “It just works”, he professes, “I recommend it to everyone that is open to the idea of meditation.”

In my opinion, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry has truly mastered the art of creating music that has a real spiritual yet practical impact on oneself, and by extension, on their life and the lives of their loved ones. I urge everyone to try his music for themselves and share it with the world. Everyone can benefit from it!