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Nelly Furtado Biography: Lyrics, Videos, Songs, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Music, New Album, Pics

Nelly Furtado Biography: Lyrics, Videos, Songs, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Music, New Album, Pics

Nelly Furtado is a Canadian author/composer/interpret.

Nelly Furtado was born on December 2 1980 at Victoria (capital of British Columbia in Canada) from Portuguese parents. Nelly Furtado parents named her “Nelly” because of the Russian gymnastic champion Nellie Kim who won 5 gold medals (3 in 1976 and 2 in 1980) and 1 silver (in 1976) at the Olympic games.

Nelly Furtado learned to play the trombone, the guitar and the ukelele at the age of 9 years old and synthesizer at the age of 11. Passionate by music since her early age, Nelly Furtado already knows at the age of 4 years old she wants to become singer. Nelly Furtado sung with her mother at the choir, especially during the national day of Portugal. Nelly Furtado speaks fluently Portuguese, English, Hindi and Spanish.

Since she is a teenager, Nelly Furtado starts to write songs and belong to a brass band. During this period, Nelly Furtado listens to R&B, hip hop, alternative rock, alternative hip hop, trip hop, fado, bossa nova and Indian music. The artists that Nelly Furtado like (and influenced her) are Jeff Buckley, Caetano Veloso, Amalia Rodrigues, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Cornershop, Mariah Carey, TLC, Mary J. Blige, Digable Planets, De La Soul, Radiohead, Oasis, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Verve, U2, and Beck.

Nelly Furtado thanks her parents to have taught her hard working and ethic. Indeed, Nelly Furtado has spent 8 summers working as chambermaid with her mother. Nelly Furtado declares that coming from this background has positively contribute to forge her personality.

During a visit in Toronto, last summer, Nelly Furtado met Tallis Newkirk, member of hip hop band named “Plains of Fascination” and have contributed to their album in 1996 “Join the Ranks” on title “Waitin’ 4 The Streets”. After achievement of her studies in Mount Douglas Secondary School in 1996, Nelly Furtado leaves for Toronto where she finally formed duo/group Nelstar in 1997 with Newkirk. The experience has brought her back to her influences and allowed her to be more confident in the writing of her melodies and rhymes. Despite, “Like”, one of the Nelstar songs, received a subvention from VideoFACT to cover the production of the clip, Nelly Furtado estimated the duo didn’t reflect her personality and didn’t allow to demonstrate her vocal competences. Therefore Nelly Furtado quits the music band with the idea to come back to Victoria.

Before leaving, Nelly Furtado decides to take part to a contest (quite famous at that time), the “Honey Jam” which takes place at Lee’s Palace, a nightclub. Impressed by her performance, singer Gerald Eaton (Alias Jarvis Church) from band (The Philosopher Kings) offers Nelly Furtado a collaboration. It results a sample with participation of another member of The Philosoper Kings, Brian West. But Nelly Furtado leaves to travel in Europe and wanted to go to university to take courses about writing. Finally, Nelly Furtado comes back working with them and signs a contract in 1999 with DreamWorks Records.

Nelly Furtado continues to work with Eaton and West, who co-product her album, “Whoa, Nelly!” (….On The Radio (Remember The Days), Baby Girl, Hey, Man!, I Will Make U Cry, I’m Like A Bird, Legend, My Love Grows Deeper Part 1, Party, Scared Of You, Trynna Finda Way, Turn Off The Light, Well, Well), released in October 2000. The success comes from the singles I’m Like A Bird, Turn Off The Light, and …On The Radio (Remember The Days). Nelly Furtado album was nominated 4 times at the Grammy Awards in 2002. But Nelly Furtado has only received the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “I’m Like A Bird”, her first single. Moreover, Nelly Furtado has received a good critic for her innovative mix of various styles with different sounds. Then Nelly Furtado did a tour called “Burn in the Spotlight” and also the one of Moby, “Area:One”.

The second album, “Folklore” (Build You Up, Childhood Dreams, Explode, Forca, Fresh Off the Boat, Island of Wonder, One-Trick Pony, Picture Perfect, Powerless (Say What You Want), Saturdays, The Grass Is Green, Try), is released in November 2003. The album shows more diverse sounds, a more rock approach, an acoustic approach. As Nelly Furtado concentrated more on the writing, the BBC estimated that there was double more originality than in her first album. Nelly Furtado has attributed the maturity of her album to the fact she was pregnant most of the time of the recording.

Her title Força (which means courage and strength in Portuguese) which is on her album Folkore was used for the European Football Championship in 2004 which took place in Portugal, at Lisbon. Força was sung during the final. However Dreamworks Records is sold to Universal Music during the release of Nelly Furtado album and that is why there wasn’t much promotion. In 2005, Nelly Furtado is taken by Geffen Records because Dreamworks definitely closes.

Nelly Furtado should be soon seen in an independent film on Iraq war. The movie is called Nobody’s Hero. But Nelly Furtado also prepared “Loose” at the same time that the filming. Nelly Furtado has also tried to make a film in Hindi but it didn’t make it.

Nelly Furtado just releases “Loose” (Afraid, All Good Things (Come To An End), Do It, Glow, In God’s Hands, Maneater, No Hay Igual, Promiscuous, Say It Right, Showtime, Te Busque, Te Busque (Spanish Version), Wait For You) in June 2006. The first Nelly Furtado single is “Maneater” for Europe and Promiscuous (feat. Timbaland) in America. Anybody needs to know there are different versions of this album according to the countries. Chris Martin, leader of group Coldplay, was to make an appearance in song “All good things (come to and end)”, but it didn’t make it, which has regretted the singer. Nelly Furtado has also collaborated with Juanes on her song “Te Busque” which we can also find a version in Spanish. Nelly Furtado has already done a duo with him on title “Fotografia” from album “Un Dia Normal” of the Colombia singer.

“Loose” is the Nelly Furtado album the most successful of her career, reaching #1 in several countries including the US and Canada. The singles “Promiscuous” and “Maneater”, are also ranked #1 in the US, Canada and the UK.

According to rumors, the next Nelly Furtado single should be “Say It Right”.

Nelly Furtado has had a child, just before “Folklore”, whose name is Nevis (born September 20 2003 at Toronto, in Canada).

The father is her ex boy friend, DJ and producer Jasper Gahunia alias Lil’Jaz. Nelly Furtado and Gahunia, who are separated in 2005, were together during 4 years and friends during many years before that. Nelly Furtado wanted to rise up Nevis at Toronto due to the cultural diversity, open minded and political activism of the city.

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