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New Lil Boosie Music – 2010

New Lil Boosie Music – 2010

Lil Boosie is a hot music artist that delivers new music all the time. Every day and every night is spent in his studio making music to satisfy all of the fans that follow him. There are many albums and mixtapes, made by Boosie, which can be purchased by his fans. If you want to see new Lil Boosie music in the coming year, you will not be disappointed. There is a lot of music that is already made but not released that he will be finishing up soon, like his new album called “Free At Last,” that is scheduled to be released after he gets done serving his jail sentence.

What kind of music will be on the new albums by Lil Boosie? Because he sticks to his roots, southern rappers can be expected to be working with him. One of the songs on the new Boosie album that is not finished as of yet, is entitled “Miss Me f. Young Jeezy.” A lot of fans will be able to tell that this new song will be great just from hearing the title. The finished product has not been released, but it can be expected to been seen on the album “Thug Motivation 103” by Jeezy or on the album by Boosie Bad Azz.

You may also see on the new mixtapes and albums by Lil Boosie a lot of hot artists like Hurricane Chris, Webbie, Foxx A Million, Mouse, Lil Trill, Lil Phat, and Big Poppa. Right now, Lil Boosie’s followers can listen to the newest album by Boosie called “SuperBad” which has a lot of great new songs. “My Avenue,” “Top Notch,” “Levis,” “Better Believe It,” “Loose As A Goose,” and “Mind of a Maniac” are some of the songs that are going to be very popular in the south and in especially in Louisiana. He keeps on being the master of the streets by putting out new music. The music he makes isn’t just catchy, but it is also inspirational and motivating for many of his fans.

Even though those on the southern streets will feel closer to him, the new Lil Boosie albums are loved by individuals all over the world. Individual songs such as “I’m a Dog,” “Gin In My Cup,” “Bank Roll,” and “Crayola” are just a couple of songs that people will be able to relate to. Although he probably won’t be able to put out his new music until he is out of prison in a couple of years, the southern people are determined to keep his music alive. After his prison sentence, he will probably have to serve probation for 5 years, but he will be releasing new music.

One of the new songs by Lil Boosie is one staring Yo Gotti, Bun B, Foxx A Million, and Trae, and is called “Better Believe It Remix”. Each artist that is in this remix is one that Lil Boosie has worked with already and has already released good music with. It’s great to see different artists supporting each other with these big remixes. Some more artists that are constantly showing Lil Boosie support are Lil Scrappy, DJ Khaled, Hurricane Chris, and Big Unk. Although tons of music was put out by Boosie during 2009, you should keep an eye out for even more in the next year.