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New Yo Gotti Music 2010

New Yo Gotti Music 2010

The new Yo Gotti music that has come out in 2010 has surprised many people and students of hip hop culture. Most people did not even know who this rapper was until he emerged onto the scene with the song called “5 Star” in 2009. A lot of people that even follow lesser known artists had seen him perform at shows with other famous rappers, but most were wondering when he was going to really make a statement as a solo artist. For those that do not know much about Yo Gotti, it is important to know that his new found success in the game has not come easy. In fact, he has worked a lot harder than most people ever do to reach their dreams.

He started out in the streets of Memphis, and began creating music that he knew other people could both understand and be able to relate with. His friends began supporting his mixtapes by purchasing them off of him after he recorded them. Most people that understand the hip hop scene in Tennessee know that there are a few artists that are regarded as legends. A couple of artists like 8Ball and MJG were notorious for their rhymes and creating a distinct sound in the area and streets. They eventually signed to Bad Boy Entertainment and another artist by the name of Young Buck signed with 50 Cent’s G-Unit.

Yo Gotti was an artist that was still coming up and started to get recognition from Inevitable Records. He went on to release the albums “Back 2 Da Basics” and “Life,” which came out in 2003. Not only does he have a lot of good material on his CD’s in stores, but he has put out a lot of freestyles for his street fans. In the southern United States, one artist that always gets support and love is Gotti. He has been putting out brand new music for years and does not see himself stopping to settle down anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, some would say that he is just getting started with his musical career. In the past couple years 2008 through 2009, he has made tons of progress. He started working with a lot of new producers and has had the opportunity to spend quality time in the studio and record as much material as he possibly could. When it comes to his albums though, he really emphasizes quality over quantity. People that understand him as an artist know that they are never likely to get short changed when purchasing material. Even MTV has acknowledged Yo Gotti as being an elite southern underground artist for years. It’s about time that people start paying attention to what he has been doing.