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Orlando Stardom: The Best of the Best

Orlando Stardom: The Best of the Best

“Dream, Believe, and Survive.” These are three important words to succeed in life. Success is part of everyone’s dream. A street child, a teenage student, a housewife and an elderly, these people are dreaming for a better tomorrow where they can stand alone and attain the success that they are aiming for. Faith is a force that gives us strength to achieve these dreams. We keep on believing because of our dreams. We believe that someday a shooting star will fall and our dreams will be fulfilled.

Survive, life is not as simple as ABC’s, there are trials and tribulations that we need to surpass. It is like a roller coaster ride, sometimes we’re up and sometimes we’re down. But amidst all of these we are still fighting to achieve what we want. These are what famous stars and personalities have done to achieve star dome. They dreamed, believed and survived. But do you wonder, where do these people first reaped the fruits of their hard work? Well some of the popularly known personalities that we are idolizing today came from the home of the brightest stars – Orlando.

Who says that Orlando is only known as the home of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Alladin and Shrek? There are numerous groups, teams, stars and personalities who lived in this city and are widely known today in different arenas.

Get your pens ready for some autograph signing from your favorite stars. Do you have interest in sports? Well, you should be because some of the most popular sports’ superstars were born and lived here, just name it from basketball, baseball, football and golf. Who is not familiar with NBA team, the Orlando Magic and famous basketball stars like Dwight Howard, Darius Washington, and Shaquille O’neal? These legends were first discovered here. In the field of football, names of players Warren Sapp and Domingue Rodgers surmount. In golf, Tiger Woods is popularly known.

On the other hand, some of well known Hollywood stars also live here like Wesley Snipes, Delta Burke, and Wayne Brady. Popular names of some boy bands all started in this city before they were formally introduced in the world of music. They are the Backstreet Boys, N-sync, and O- Town. Alternative groups such as Matchbox Twenty and Seven Mary Three are also from Orlando.

All of these personalities are living examples of hard work and success. Orlando does not only stand out in a specific genre but continuously produce world class super stars!