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Rap Beats Online

Rap Beats Online

For many street rappers, finding a good rhyme comes naturally; unfortunately the beat behind it takes a bit more work. In the past, if the rapper didn’t have a professional studio they would be out of luck and stuck rapping on his porch without a background beat and going nowhere in their rap career.

Today, with the emergence of the modern internet, it has become possible to buy professionally made rap beats online. If you want your raps to come out with a refined and professional finish then buying a pre-made beat is a perfect solution for the starting rapper.

There are many different types of beats providers across the internet, by going over your own lyrics and experimenting with different samples of online beats, you’ll be able to find the perfect beat to download and use for your own devices. Most rap beat providers will allow you to click on and sample a small portion of the beat to ensure you know what you’re buying and how useful it may be to your rap lyrics.

The Price of Buying Rap Beats

The genius part of buying online is that the cost is extremely low. Most providers, such as Fattracks, sells their professionally made rap beats for as little as $4.99! In contrast, renting a studio and hiring pro’s to work the complicated soundboard can cost into the thousands of dollars. By buying online, the work and price is streamlined to the point that anyone who wants their music to sound like Snoop Dog or Puff Daddy can make their dreams come true and be taken as a serious rapper and producer of great sounds.

If you need a remix, then the online site called GotInstrumentals can be your one stop shop answer for all your background mix-tape desires. This website handles rap remixes of familiar rap beats that have been proven hits throughout pop culture society. The best part about buying original beats, or remixes, is that once it’s bought you have full rights to use, burn, and sell the music on your own. You’ll have no worries about being at fault for using someone else’s beat.

Who Makes the Best Rap Beats

You may be surprised who is behind making the best buy-able online rap beats. They are not no-name nobodies, for example, Young Jeezy makes and sells online rap beats through third party sites all the time. If you want a homemade beat by Jay-Z, the King of Rap, then doing a simple search for Jay-Z online won’t disappoint you.

Keep in mind though, these are “choice-cut” rap beats done by the best of the best, and so the cost is reasonably higher. The average price for beats by Jay-Z can cost up to $20.00. That’s 5 times the cost of an average rap beat, but when compared to the cost of creating your own in a live studio, then $20.00 is still a great deal.

If you’re an aspiring rapper focused on reaching the stars, then buying online beats to bring your game to the next level is the break you may need to get noticed locally and nationally.