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R&B Treasured Gems

R&B Treasured Gems

Who would have ever thought that an independent artist could take a ole school song and make it popular again? What was once lost is now found with a new sound and has emerged on the musical scene with a sultry feel.

Within a half years’ time span R & B, soul singer and musician PleasureMore has accomplished this task. As of today 2021, “Break Up to Make Up” is creating plenty of buzz streaming online through digital internet and mainstream radio formats across major US cities including: Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, London, England, Canada and a host of others cities and countries around the world.

This soul classic has new life to a new generation of listeners’ hearing his version for the very first time. Music lovers around the world are embracing and appreciating PleasureMore re-make of this classic song, which was originally released in October 1972; the single became a hit in 1973 by the Stylistics’. He’s been featured in Indie publications including but not limited to: Airplay Magazine, ArtistRack, Indie Network Radio, Magic Music Magazine, Radio Indie International Network, and Bring Back Soul Music to name a few.
PleasureMore version is being heard in 100 different countries worldwide; don’t sleep on this passionate soulful version. As of the date of this writing the single has over 100K streams on the Spotify platform alone, not including other platforms such as: Pandora, ITunes and other music apps.

With the additional jewel of Varges Thomas, this dynamic duo and their latest collaboration “Lost For Words” this duet is sure to captured their fans who may be in serious relationships; when being lost for words. Gems are to be treasured; songs written with true meaning and purpose touches people hearts, these are the songs that last for a lifetime. The Thomas Brothers aren’t newcomers to this rodeo. They appeared on the scenes a little over 40 years ago with their musical journey in the music business.

The late Roger Troutman produced their first two albums on Columbia Records- “Something New” in 1983 & “Gonna Have Big Fun” in 1984. The single “Your Thing Is Your Thing” from their debut LP; reached the R&B top 40 charts. More is to come from Varges Thomas & PleasureMore; whether it’s a cover song or original material. If you are ready to get your groove on; then get ready to party and enjoy music at its best. This is only the beginning from TBEG. Keep your eyes and ears open as more new music and videos are to come!