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Robert Pattinson Piano Playing Inspires Future Pianists

Robert Pattinson Piano Playing Inspires Future Pianists

If you watched the movie Twilight, you must have been moved by the Robert Pattinson piano playing scene. Even die hard vampire fans, who are so used to bloody and gory scenes, must have felt the power of love when Edward Cullen, Pattinson’s character, played the piano. Because of Twilight’s huge success, the whole vampire love story series written by Stephenie Meyer is now being labeled as a phenomenon that can potentially match or even surpass the success of another fantasy-slash-magical movie series known as Harry Potter. Sure enough, there are many reasons why the film has been well received by millions of moviegoers and critics worldwide. But there is no doubt that one of the much-loved parts of the movie is the piano playing scene.

Indeed, piano playing has never been this cool, especially for young adults who have been so used to grunge or hard rock music. With heartthrob Robert Pattinson playing the piano, he has influenced countless children and young adults into learning the piano. A British born actor and musician, Pattinson proved that playing the piano can only make one look more gorgeous. The actor was the one actually playing the musical instrument when he dished out Belle’s Lullaby, the heartwarming song dedicated to his love interest in the movie.

But outside the movie Twilight, Robert Pattinson really dreams of becoming a professional pianist who would play in a bar for the rest of his life. In fact, he did not even aspire to become an actor. He confessed that he loved the piano ever since he was just a young boy. Today, he is both a famous actor and a great piano player. Many fans out there would surely want to follow in his footsteps. But more than just becoming actors, it can be said that playing the piano or becoming a professional pianist is back on the list of kids and young adults who watched the Twilight movie.

Well, the good news is that learning how to play the piano has never been easier. Nowadays, there are countless piano tutorials available not just through home tutors but even via DVDs and online videos. If you want to learn the piano, you can easily find a piano teacher who will be able to teach you the essential techniques used to play the instrument. If you do not want to be taught by someone who does not suit your personality. You can count on online or DVD tutorials to accomplish your goals.

Always remember, if you want to play the piano like Robert Pattinson did in the Twilight movie, make it a point to find the music genre that you would be interested in. There is no point in trying to play piano music that makes you feel bored. Above all, there is no point in trying to learn all the music styles. There are just too many varieties of piano music that you would simply not have the time to learn them all. Find out more on how to learn piano.