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Singapore’s Quays – Heaps of Fun and Endless Entertainment Await Here!

Singapore’s Quays – Heaps of Fun and Endless Entertainment Await Here!

Singapore is a world-renowned tourist destination owning to its unmatched natural beauty, tropical climate and a range of tourism destinations. Located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, this small city/state has long been recognized for its contradicting landscapes and contrasting cultures. Over the years, Singapore has seen a rapid development both on social and economical parameters, and that’s why it annually caters to millions of travelers from all corners of the globe.

Undoubtedly, Singapore is a tropical heaven; almost all of its parts are delightful to explore. From fun-filled attractions at Sentosa Island to shopping on Orchard Road, and cultural variations in Chinatown to colonial splendors alongside the Singapore River, holiday to Singapore bestows the travelers with all ingredients of a perfect getaway. However, visit to the Singapore River area, especially the three Quays – Clark Quay, Boat Quay and Robertson Quay, makes the travelers have their dream holiday in Singapore.

Clark Quay: Number one nightlife hot spot in Singapore, Clark Quay is all about fun and entertainment. Once you reach at this lively quay, the mood becomes more intense and the laughter gets louder. Weekend nights at Clark Quay are awesome. Night clubs, discotheques, bars and casinos get frequented by masses of youth crowds, and mood of the entire Quay turns electric, sensual and heaps fun. Besides this, banks of the quay are lined with many restaurants offering best quality of food in all price ranges. People who love shopping should head to the Central Mall to meet their shopping needs.

Boat Quay: Reflecting the Old Singapore through numerous sculptures, storyboards and information panels, Boat Quay is the perfect destination for history admirers and culture lovers. Getting through the carp shaped harbor of Boat Quay, tourists are welcomed by fantabulous Sculptures, which resonate of the times when Boat Quay was just a fishing and trading post. However, a range of nightlife options at Boat Quay offers endless fun to the travelers and the locals alike. Eski Bar, the only Singaporean bar with sub-zero temperature, and some other wining avenues like Molly Malone’s Bar, BQ Bar and Harry’s Bar are superb choice to lighten your mood. Moreover, the area boasts endless of dining avenues offering the high quality of Italian, Chinese and Indian food along with detectable Singaporean cuisines.

Robertson Quay: People come here for mellow, quiet enjoyment. Offering spectacular views of the Singapore River, wining and dining in tranquil conversions, and sophisticated fun and entertainment, Robertson Quay is favored by mature couples and family vacationers to Singapore. Though world-class hotels in this area are a bit high-priced, they offer quality stay amidst first-class amenities and mesmerizing hospitality.

Singapore tour packages offer you a chance to visit all the places in the country during the trip. So, this time around on your holiday to Singapore, don’t miss to visit this lively area where fun and entertainment is inevitable. To perfectly plan your Singapore holiday, you would be better buying a Singapore holiday package from a reliable source. Searching through internet, you could find many different Singapore packages that perfectly match your requirements and budget.