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Singing Lesson Courses – A Brief Comparison of 3 of The Best Study at Home Courses

Singing Lesson Courses – A Brief Comparison of 3 of The Best Study at Home Courses

There are a whole range of singing technique training programs out on the market today and if you are a singer looking for singing lessons it can be very confusing to find the right one.

There seems to be 2 main branches of singing technique training. 1. Classical and 2. Popular. In this article we will put the classical programs aside for now and just look at an overview of a small selection of 3 popular singing technique programs being – Billy Purnell’s Ultimate Voice training for Singers, Per Bristow’s Sing with Freedom and Brett Manning’s Singing Success program.

Billy Purnell’s and Brett Manning’s programs are based on the method called ‘speech level singing’ made popular by American based vocal coach Seth Riggs. Billy’s program is very popular and has been around for quite a while now. This program can be purchased as either a male program, one for boys and one for older males, or a female once again for the respective age categories. It goes through a series of appropriate exercises to train the vocal area muscles to avoid straining as the singer moves higher in pitch and volume and the program works very well. It comes as a CD pack containing 4 or so CDs and represents good value for money.

The Per Bristow program uses a different methodology where the singer is encouraged to find their own vocal freedom through experimentation (using various more ‘open’ exercises) and improvisation. This program is much more arbitrary, some say that it works well however it is a bit slow to get off the ground and the accompanying video’s which can be downloaded over the net are in a format or use a player that doesn’t work so well. This program is in a format of 4 DVD’s and has an ongoing coaching agreement with a monthly fee if you wish to use it. Once again the price is reasonable however it really is a totally different methodology to the speech level singing approach.

The Brett Manning program once again is based on the Seth Rigg’s speech level singing method however it does expand on this technique and there are exercises unique to Brett’s Program. It comes in a 12 CD and 1 DVD format and is by far the most comprehensive of the 3 programs compared here. Brett also puts out several other useful programs with more advanced technique such as the ‘Mastering Mix’ program. Once again the price is reasonable however it may be a little more expensive overall than the other programs noted here. An ongoing coaching via net video type arrangement is also offered if you require it. This program seems to be the most dynamic with more up to date techniques.

The speech level singing program basis is a very good way to avoid strain when singing and therefore avoid the likelihood of vocal nodules and associated vocal strain problems.