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Singing Lessons: How to Hum Your Way to Better Projection

Singing Lessons: How to Hum Your Way to Better Projection

It really pains me to see how people struggle with projection. If you sense your voice is weak or that it has no power behind it when you sing certain notes, you’ll need to take a quick step back to analyze how you sound. Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror if you can while you’re at it. I’m going to point out the most common reasons why good projection eludes a lot of people, and how to quickly fix the problem.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but when you speak your voice is at its most powerful. Why then do you struggle to project the same power when you sing? The reason is very simple. You’re not using your speaking voice to sing. And I’ll warn you right here. This is the hardest bad habit to kick. And here’s another reason why you’re experiencing the undesirably low levels of projection with your voice. You’re lacking thrust. Yes, if you don’t push it isn’t going to happen. So how then do you fix this singing problem and break the cycle of bad habits that have plagued your advancement as a singer? Here’s what I’ll recommend you do.

What I like about humming is that, if you do it correctly, it helps focus the voice so that the voice projects through the mouth area. Now to be sure that it really is projecting, you’ll want to hear a powerful voice wanting to leap out of your closed mouth and furthermore, you should feel a buzzing sensation around the lips–and a tingly feeling at the front of your face. If your voice is weak and you experience none of the above, then this is what’s hindering your projection when you sing. How to fix this? Practice humming so that you experience all of the above when you do. Pick any old song and hum that song using, at first, your speech level and work your way up the scales as you hum. The irony is that, if you can’t project your voice on speech level when you sing, you’ll have a lot of trouble projecting a voice that’s not only fuller, but one that’s got timber in its vocal.

In summary: voice projection is one of the most common problems untrained singers tend to experience. This little problem could hold you back from achieving your dreams of becoming a better singer. The solution is simple. Hum your way to better projection. Humming is by far one of the quickest ways to focus the voice so that you are projecting it properly and more effectively when you sing. Who wants to listen to a meek, thin, powerless voice that lacks conviction? I know you don’t. So why would you allow this simple-to-fix problem hold you back? Hum in your speaking voice and work your way up the scale, and you’ll be projecting your voice like a pro when you sing in absolutely no time at all. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways to correct this common singing problem.