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Six Fun Facts About Rihanna

Six Fun Facts About Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most mentioned celebrities in the public eye. She made her name as a singer and continued to expand her empire with a beauty line. The talented singer has inspired fans all over the world, with many people enamored by her style and confident personality. Aside from her accomplishments in music, fashion, and beauty, what else is there to know about Rihanna?

Her Name

The first thing you should know before you jam out on your instrument to Rihanna guitar chords is that it’s not her real name. The star’s first name is actually Robyn and her middle name is Rihanna. Her last name, Fenty, is the name of her fashion and beauty brand.

Her Discovery

While a lot of icons have been discovered through social media and YouTube, Rihanna got her start in a different way. She sent in demo tapes of her music to Def Jam, a famed record label based in New York. Jay-Z, who was president of the label at the time, had her come in for an audition shortly after. He was so impressed with her that he didn’t want her to exit the building without signing a contract.

Her Training

Rihanna has natural talent, but her voice has gotten better with time. You may not be aware of it, but the star has never received formal vocal training. She credits Ne-Yo, the voice responsible for the hit single “So Sick”, with showing her the ropes. When recording together, he directs her and practices techniques to enhance her voice and give her fans the music they know and love.

Her Icon

One of the questions many people would ask their role model or favorite celebrity is who they use as inspiration. If you got to ask Rihanna this question, you may not expect her answer. The singer has stated her goal of being coined “black Madonna”, referencing the icon’s ability to constantly reinvent her image and sound.

Her Figures

When you think of Rihanna, the first thought that crosses your mind probably isn’t how many wax statues there are of her. Interestingly enough, Madame Tusssaud, owner of the famously renown celebrity wax museum, has created eight Rihanna figures over the course of her career. This is a tremendous feat, as a single figure can take a full team of artists several months.

Her Influence

One of the songs that many people have played using Rihanna guitar chords is “We Found Love”, a hit single known across the globe. This song’s collaboration with Calvin Harris was a turning point for his career, as Rihanna’s influence and voice launched him headfirst into the industry and opened plenty of doors.

There’s a lot to get to know about Rihanna. Her influence has spread like wildfire and she continues to add onto her reputation as an amazing singer and style icon. It’s highly likely that there will be even more interesting information revealed about the star as her career continues and she dominates the scene.