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Tape Recording Meetings

Tape Recording Meetings

Tape recording of conversations in meetings has become widespread nowadays. This is because tape recording meetings enables people to know all the meeting proceedings just as they had occurred. Jotting down meeting proceedings is not a fool-proof method of recording meeting discussions as some facts and words spoken and discussed at the meeting are invariably omitted due to human error. But the tape recording of meetings ensures that all meeting proceedings are recorded. The tape recording of meetings provides an appropriate answer to the question: How to record meeting minutes? By playing back the tape at some point of time after the meeting, people can get to hear who said what at the meeting. They get to know each and every conversation and dialogue and therefore get acquainted with more than just the meeting minutes or gist of the meeting. The tape recording of meetings is supported by the 3279 Conference Recorder Package, Marantz PMD511 Conference Recorder with built-in Mixer, Sanyo 8800 – 3 Speed Conference Recorder and Transcriber, Eiki 5090 Package, Panasonic Micro Cassette Conference Recorder & Transcriber Package, Sony M2000 Micro Cassette Conference/Transcriber Package, The PMD221 Package, Sony Bm87 Conference Recorder & Transcriber, and some other well-known gizmos of the same type.

Digital Voice Recording

The tape recording of meetings has given rise to the phenomenon of digital voice recording. Several ultramodern digital voice recorders have flooded the market today as the use of digital voice recorders in meetings has increased exponentially. Some of the most renowned digital voice recorders of meetings are Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder, Sony ICD-U60 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus DS-61 Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus WS-311M Digital Voice Recorder, Olympus LS-10 PCM 2GB Digital Voice Recorder, Sony ICD-SX700 Digital Voice Recorder, etc.

Transferring Recorded Tape to a CD

It is easy to transfer a recorded tape to a CD nowadays. Audacity, a smart audio recorder and editor, helps you to transfer a recorded tape to a CD. It is also easy to convert recorded tape to mp3. Converting recorded tape to mp3 has become the order of the day. This is because lots of people like to listen to their favorite albums from their computers or iPods. The Alive WMA MP3 Recorder is a great device that helps you to convert recorded tape to mp3 files. Recording cassette tapes to CD formats has also become simple with the presence of Audacity, Media Digitalizer and other devices. Media Digitalizer helps you to record cassette tapes to CD, MP3, WAV and WMA formats.

Far Reaching Consequences of the Tape Recording of Meetings

All these facilities have evolved to make the tape recording of meetings easier and to make life easier. Without such high-performance audio software and devices, you would have to write down all the proceedings of a meeting in shorthand or long hand and that would be time consuming. Besides, your writing would be inaccurate as it is not humanly possible to document all that’s said in a meeting, correctly. Also, without such hi-tech devices you wouldn’t be able to transcribe conversations, meeting discussions and music to different platforms, i.e. you wouldn’t be able to convert recorded tape to MP3, CD and WAV formats. If you couldn’t convert recorded tape to different formats, you’d have to lug along your tape recording device everywhere if you wanted others to listen to the meeting proceedings. This instant file conversion makes conversations and music portable. It is so much easier to carry a CD than to carry an entire stereo system or other device. Moreover, file conversions to the MP3 format make files accessible from your PC or laptop. MP3 files can be sent to key people by email also unlike files on a CD. So, the tape recording of meetings has far reaching consequences. The tape recording of meetings is an activity that addresses the needs and solves the communication problems of a company on a wide spectrum basis.

Managing Meetings

While tape recording meetings has gained a lot of popularity, the importance of managing meetings has also gained priority. Company heads have got fed up of hiring the services of event planners and meeting managers because these people charge exorbitant fees and do not make any real difference to the meeting process. So, company bigwigs have taken to relying on online meeting managers. There too, they have met with disappointment as all online meeting managers are not up to scratch. However, people who have used a reliable online diary have been more than happy. An online diary is an online meeting manager, scheduler, and planner. The ground-breaking application has several features:

• A great online diary is an excellent meeting scheduler. The application functions across different time zones. The online diary doesn’t let you schedule more than one meeting at a given time and date. The Events Calendar of a reliable online diary reminds you of all your appointments in case you forget about them. You can share your meeting scheduling details and agenda with key people through the online diary so that you can agree on the date and time and agenda without bothering to make any phone calls or visiting people.

• A great online diary allows you to upload into it your meeting documents, meeting agenda, meeting minutes, and meeting summaries; meeting schedules; names and details of meeting contacts; names and details of meeting venues; and other meeting-related information, easily.

• A great online diary allows you to retrieve data from it at the click of a mouse. Searching for and finding data in the online diary is a quick process.

• A trustworthy online diary allows you to import email contacts from email applications into it. It also allows you to export redundant email contacts from it to email applications.

• A trustworthy online diary has a huge data storage capacity. It is capable of storing meeting data of meetings that have taken place over several years. So, you can retrieve meeting data of any meeting that took place years ago from the online diary. In a similar vein, you can start planning for a meeting that’s scheduled to take place many years later with the help of the online diary.

• As a data keeper, a reliable online diary is absolutely trustworthy. It does not allow any compromise with data security. All your confidential information remains a secret in its servers. Only you can access your confidential information with your Password.

• Finally, and most important, you can find the best online diary for meetings and conferences listed in Wikipedia. Visit Online diary planner and you will find the names of two online diaries listed under ‘Online diary planners for meetings, conferences and events’. The first one is rated as one of best online diaries in the world. The first online diary is an intelligent widget that aims to change the way you manage meetings, think and act. It helps you to restructure your thoughts and realign your actions. The online diary transforms the way you manage your work and your life. It makes you professional and urges you to think creatively. The online diary makes you do a tremendous amount of work without your feeling it. This first online diary has been cleverly designed so that it can influence your work and your life positively. The application paves your way to success and to your dreams, the moment you start using it. All the users of this online diary have felt the same way. They’ve said: ‘Who would tape record our meetings before? There was no direction in them, no power, no force. It is only after we started using this particular online diary that things changed. Our meetings have now become so productive that tape recording of our meetings for future use has become imperative.’