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The Benefits Of Streaming Audio On Your Website

The Benefits Of Streaming Audio On Your Website

There are many benefits of streaming audio on your website. In years gone by it was regarded as an expensive option to make a website stand out from the competition, but nowadays the costs have reduced greatly and this is now easily affordable. Using audio is an effective marketing tool which can help to increase conversion rates on your website. Hosting audio is now cheaper than ever, so therefore you can afford to install and host your own audio streaming script.

So what are the main benefits of placing videos on your website?
They can increase your sales conversion rates. Streaming audio allows you to increase your customer interaction and therefore improves the chances of converting a visitor to a customer. Through engaging the customer and interacting with them you will be able to improve the shopping experience, and leave a positive thought about it. This will hopefully make them recommend you to their friends.

It can help to increase newsletter subscriptions. Subscriber lists are important on a website as they allow us to build a high quality op-tin list of subscribers who are interested in our products and services. This can lead to sales. Through placing audio clips on the website we can advertise the newsletter to the visitor and tell them the benefits of signing up to it.

Audio testimonials from you existing customers will add value to your site. The majority of websites feature written testimonials from their customers. These are incredibly useful as they help to convince the potential customer to buy the products or services. By streaming audio testimonials you will be able to increase your competitive advantage over rivals’ websites, and provide the potential customers with something that feels more real than words on a screen. They will be able to gain a far better idea about the level of customer satisfaction.

When streaming audio you will need to ensure that it is the best quality of output. Make sure that you get your message across within the correct manner. Avoid sounding too sales pitched and be careful not to come across as boring. Some affiliate marketers actually rent a voice talent to record their messages, whereas others do it themselves. Whichever one you choose you will need to ensure that it is of a high quality and gets the message across. Playing audio files whilst a person navigates around the site will have a completely different result to a website that does not use this method. Streaming audio engages the visitor for longer and increases the level of trust.