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The Demon of the Diamond Lake

The Demon of the Diamond Lake

The leaves were thrashed and branches started breaking with someone’s presence. The cry of the forest could be heard by the howling of the jackals, roaring of the lion and dark songs of the birds. There was complete darkness in the jungle, though it was day time, as the sun rays could not kiss and penetrate thick canopy and giant trees. The heavy breaths that were in frequency of a whisper could be easily heard along with familiar jungle beats. On the north side of the forest, touching the perimeter was a natural lake with complete sunshine making it glitter and was called the Diamond Lake. A young and beautiful girl, Jenny, was enjoying her bath along with singing and diving. A song’s lyrics were on her lips of heart,

“Together forever, forever we flew…”

She was in full bloom similar to a ripen fruit, her beautiful breasts with tiny drops of water, her suitable and hot bottom and curved symmetrical body made her akin to a goddess of beauty.

Suddenly, she heard a strange low tone voice from the forest. She ceased singing and was trying to figure out and it came again and much nearer. She observed stirring of the leaves and a shallow appearance of someone standing there. She trembled with fear and reminded the conversation she had with her father that morning.

“Jenny! Stay away from the Diamond Lake, I’ve warned you not to go there. Why don’t you listen?” Jack became furious. Jenny opened her mouth to say something but was shut up by her father.

” No means no.”

“But why dad?” she could not resist asking, “It is such a wonderful lake with peace of heaven and the water…” Jack raised his hand as an indication for her to be quiet.

“Something evil is out there and the whole village keeps away until we can’t help it. You know how we carry our weapons and are divided in groups of ten, ten guys. I don’t know why you are so adamant?”

Jack gave her a furious look and continued speaking on seeing her about to fire another question, “Enough! No more talks just do what I have told you” Jack left the room and leaving the curious Jenny scratching her head for thinking all reasons of this restriction. Curiosity was in her genes and she did what any free soul would do just to feel the liberty of killing curiosity. As for the evil thing was concerned, she thought that her father just wanted her to be safe and nothing else.

The green leaves before her were shaking again and the boughs of the trees were signaling a presence. She hurriedly came out of the water and put on her clothes. She had no courage left to see in that direction and ran for home.The breaths became heavier and two red eyes were watching her passing with in few meters distance.


Chaw’s Pub was owned and run by Mr. Chawerington also known as Mr. Chaw, a middle aged man, stern features, cold eyes and mysterious and scary smile. He was tall and very athletic. There was something about him which people used to ignore, something that included his peculiar rule of closing the pub exactly at ten every night. He lost his wife in the woods, her body was never recovered. He had a son, Master Leo, 11 year old and cute as an angel. It was closing time and he was preparing to close the pub.

One of the man who was drinking heavily suddenly rose from his chair, looked with moving eyes and said,” Mr. Chaw! I… I am in no mood, you hear me, no mood to leave. The whole night, uh…drinking, yeah do you hear?”

Jack smiled but said nothing. Mr. Chaw didn’t pay attention to him and ordered Master Leo, who was playing hide and seek using chairs, to get ready for bed.

“I say, do…” The drunkard raised his voice again.

“In two minutes- Mr. Rudy, Out of here!!!” Mr. Chaw’s voice was so dominant and had a cutting edge in it, a satanic whisper was it. Mr. Rudy felt sensations in his body, he could not confront those fierce eyes, put on his coat and left.

“Idiot” Mr. Chaw angrily murmured. Jack told him that he is also leaving in a pleasant tone, after kissing Master Leo goodbye. Suddenly, the door opened as if it was struck by a bulldozer. A young man, Dale entered. He was looking perplexed and without wasting a single second he asked,” Did you see Jenny?”

“She must be at home, relax Dale.” Jack replied.

“No, sir she is not. A man who last saw her told me that she was heading for the woods.” Dale’s tone was bitter now. Jack could not believe his ears, “Where? To the woods, oh Lord…”

“Get out! It is time.” Mr. Chaw intervened by yelling and he seemed to care little for anything else than closing the pub. Both Jack and Dale stared at him and quietly left the pub. Master Leo was frightened to see his father so angry.

Outside the pub, Jack looked thoughtful.” She must have gone to the Diamond Lake, hmm”

“Let’s go then, now.” Dale hurriedly said. Jack told him to form a searching party with all needed weapons. His eyes were focused on the Pub lights that were being turned off and in few seconds it was total black out.

“Strange weird man,” It was Dale who felt horrified at the situation. “Come on Jack.”

Jack was still in unknown dilemma, “What? Oh yeah” he regained sense and was praying for his daughter’s safety. Both men started walking and soon disappeared in the darkness.


“I have found a headless woman” Someone cried out loud. The numerous voices of, “What” “Oh lord” “Where” could be heard.

The body was nude; there were signs that she was brutally murdered, cuts and bruises and clots of blood could be seen. The flies gathered on the open wounds and fresh smell of blood was everywhere. The head was found in bushes, some yards away. The eyes were almost at the edges, pupils like that of a frog, showing the immense pain and horror that these dead eyes saw. This was the fifth victim of Diamond Lake in three weeks. This was young daughter of Mr. Rody, poor Emma who was killed six months ago and brought the terror of the unknown that resided in the woods, “Demon of Diamond Lake.”


The searching party was composed of ten men, all with automatic weapons and torches. The Sheriff, Forrt was leading them that night. Dale was moving with grin and grave expressions, after all, Jenny was his fiancee. He loved her to an extent that every passing moment was adding gigantic pain and fear to his mind. The moving men walked through the dense trees and they were calling Jenny’s name. Eventually they reached Gold Lake. A night of stars and intense moonlight was making the environment romantically scary. The Lake itself appeared as a heap of diamonds, but the miseries and events related to it were making them all nervous and shaking.

The search continued and Dale found something on the north side of the lake, in the dense bushes, near a natural cave.

“Come guys,” he shouted,” I’ve found Jenny.” Everybody scampered towards him. Jenny was lying unconscious on the cold grass, her head had portion of clotted blood probably due to the small wound, but she was alive.

Jack took her gently in arms and they all were hasty to be out of the cursed place. On reaching the village, almost everyone was waiting anxiously for them excluding Mr. Chaw.

“I… Oh dad! There was someone at the diamond lake, stalking me, I could hear the breaths, and dad I am so scared. I should have listened to you” Jenny was weeping and jack held her head and requested everyone to leave for Jenny to take rest. All but Dave were gone.

Dave leaned forward, kissed her on cheeks and told her how worried he was. Jenny had a brief smile and then she closed her eyes again. She knew that Daemon at the diamond lake was chasing her, she slipped near the cave and last thing she remembered was hitting hard on falling by a stone or something. Why did he not kill me? Who was he? There were many things confusing her.


“And… At every moon’s 16th cycle, He will rise in name of thirst. Diamond Lake shall see blood of pure virgins.” Someone knocked at the door and Mr. Chaw ceased reading and his stern features were darker with anger.

“Who is it?” He stressed each word as if cutting flesh by a dagger. No answer. The door opened with a minor movement and entered Master Leo with a cute smile. Mr. Chaw stared at him and then ignored his presence and began reading again, murmuring now,

“The nights- shall be closed as horror wanders outside. The Satan’s most powerful mate is a disguised creature among people. Appearances are deceptive; wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Mr. Chaw’s sharp edged teeth could be seen repeatedly as he continued to re read the last line, “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“Just seven days to moon’s 16th cycle,” he talked to himself.

Master Leo was playing hide and seek using chairs.


Dale cupped her breasts, pressed them and took a hard pleasurable bite on her pink nipples. Jenny moaned in a husky voice, her eyes were half closed and her body was moving as waves in a ripple tank.

“Please don’t. Don’t you dare stop ahh.” Her skin was rubbed against Dale, her breasts were pressed by his body, he was on her and in her legs, and the manhood touched her tunnel of love. This touch made her wild and Dale’s heart beat was rising. Dale poured some whiskey on her body, making it wet while her legs moved zigzag as an attempt to hold the volcano of passion boiling inside, ready to come out. With every touch of his tongue, licking her wet body, from beautiful feet to ankles and thighs and when he licked her vagina, she felt as if flying in air. She felt light and her hands pushed dale’s head harder in her legs, she felt as every inch of her body is a pleasure and ecstasy point. Her moaning turned in to sexy sighs and then in to horny cries.

Dale felt as sweat was popping out of his pores and with a tongue to tongue kiss, he entered his penis inside her, he felt as if he was in a jelly and this jelly was the most exciting thing he had ever been in. Every stroke made both Dale and Jenny absorbed in to each other some more. The volcanoes erupted and long breaths took over. They were in Chaw’s Pub for this romantic venture on the lucky absence of both Mr. Chaw and his son. What they did not know, that it was the 16th cycle of moon that night.

Jack’s displeasure on such meetings brought them here.

“I’m feeling thirsty.” Jenny’s voice was filled with satisfaction.

“I’ve got some in the truck.” Dale checked the empty whiskey bottle and smiled. He put on his clothes and headed for the truck. The darkness flowed in quiet solitude outside the pub. He parked his truck at a perfect hidden place. He could see the vivid window at some distance, where they made love even standing by the truck. A sense of soothening was ruling his nerves with every step.

Jenny opened her eyes as someone called her name. She could not believe watching her father, Jack standing before her with a furious grin. She hurriedly covered her nude body with a blanket and was figuring suitable words of explanation.

“D- Dad.” That was the best she could come up with. Then, her eyes were widened with fear as if she had seen the ghost. Thinking, that she had realized her mistake, Jack tried to solace her.

“Honey, this is…” he could not complete his sentence and his head rolled on the floor with an attack from behind.

Jenny tried to scream but her voice had stuck in her throat. Those red eyes were staring at her, same red eyes she remembered from the Diamond Lake.


Dale lighted a cigarette and looked at the window again. Jenny could be seen, her eyes were focused on him and face attached with the window pan.

“Gee, she wants more.” He laughed over the thought and went in to the pub. On climbing the stairs, he heard foot steps upstairs and than something sprinted.

“Uh, these cats,” he thought and reached at the door that was not shut any more. Dale sensed some strange scent. “It is Blood.” His mind shook on the very word. He stepped inside and the scene made him stagger with shock, his cigarette felt on the floor. Jenny’s head was placed on the window pane and the blanket was soaked in blood. The dead body of Jack was lying at few yards. Jenny’s body was not there, a trail of blood on the floor was showing a drag.

There were explosions in his mind. Within minutes a romantic and peaceful night had turned in to living hell. The grief and fear made him speechless and he walked towards the window, a walk of someone who had lost everything in his life, took the head of her lover in his hands. His eyes were full of tears and he wildly kissed her forehead.

“There he is.” The Sheriff Forrt shouted and signaled his men. The other villagers were also accompanying him. The voice of “Kill him,” “Catch the Demon,” made Dale regained his sense.

“What are you talking about? I did not kill anyone.” Dale said in a grieved tone, but the men soon put him face first on the ground and cuffed him, continued ignoring his pleas.

“Oh please, this is a mistake. She was my lover, why would I be killing her or Jack? Mr. Rody, Mr. Forrt, you know me, tell them to release me, what has happened to you people?” Dale was almost begging.

“Shut up!” One man slapped him with full force, on tasting his own blood Dale cried out again,

“Believe me, I am innocent. I heard noises of someone when I came back… a cat may be…no, no the demon, I am sure Chaw did it, this is his house. We all know he is a devil. Mr. Forrt, I… Please, Noo.” His mouth was taped and his eyes were reflecting immense pain.

“Mr. Chaw’s headless body was found in the woods an hour ago and his poor son was lost, probably was eaten by the beast.” Mr. Forrt informed him in a grave tone.

Dale could not believe his ears, and then who was it? He asked himself but found no answer. The villagers were convinced that Dale is the guilty party and they threw him in a dungeon with only one way out. They decided to keep him there for the rest of his life. This was indeed a cruel decision, but the fear factor ceased their quest for justice and the victim was victimized.


Six months passed by with no more violence. The villagers now had a firm belief that Dale was the real demon. They demanded a quick death for the demon. It was the morning of the 16th cycle of the moon.

“Mr. Forrt, Mr. forrt,” a man called him loudly.


“Demon is dead sir.” He completed his sentences with much effort.

“Good lord! Let’s go” Mr. Forrt did not even bother to put on his uniform and they both ran outside like professional athletes. Soon, everyone had heard the shocking news and they all were present at Dale’s prison. Mr. Forrt, Mr. Rody, the bishop and some other men dared to go inside. There were flesh-eating flies on the dead body and the head was on one corner, adjacent to the wall. Dales’ eyes were showing immense disbelief and fear.

“Look here, he tried to write something with his own blood.” They gathered at the indicated spot. This could be clearly read,