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The Power of Love Lyrics by Celine Dion

The Power of Love Lyrics by Celine Dion

Love lyrics are very important and they give a tune to life. There are those love songs that you identify to be some of the greatest and, this is usually unmistaken. When good love song lyrics are heard, most people will appreciate and love them. The following are power of love lyrics sang by one of the most recognized and talented women in the music industry. ‘Power of love’ is a song by Canadian born Celine Dion, who has captivated the world with the record breaking song. It captures the spirit and heart of love and gives a picture on how strong the power of love can be. This is not just an entertaining song but, it is one that is emotive and a favorite of many all around the world. The following are power of love lyrics that continue to make a huge impression to many lovers. The first stanza begins like this ‘Whispers in the morning, of lovers sleeping tight are rolling down like thunder’. The power of love lyrics by Celine continue as follows ‘As I look into your eyes, I hold on to your body, and feel each move you make. Your voice is warm and tender, a love that I could not forsake’. You will have to agree with me that these are some of the most beautiful and artistic lyrics ever written.

The best thing about them is that they are simple and yet complex in a way. It is these words that have been able to capture many a song lover. There are many other lines to this song and the chorus goes as follows. ‘Cause I’m your lady, and you are my man, whenever you reach for me, I will do all that I can’. When you have your mate close to you, this is an excellent song to put on and you will rediscover what the power of love is all about. It is an affirmation of the strong bonds of love that are in many ways magical. Other lines or lyrics to the song go as follows. ‘Even though there may be times, it seems that I’m so far away, never wonder where I’m because I’m right here by your side’. This part of the song brings out the reality of hardship and distance in relationships. Love is perfect in all aspects but, we are not perfect. It is vital for two people who love each other, to keep reassuring each other and this is what love truly is. The willingness to tell your lover that you are still there for them is paramount and it is something we should all learn to do.

The next part of the song brings out the adventure and mystery of love. It shows that in love, there are vast territories to explore with the one you love. It goes like this ‘We are heading for something, somewhere I have never been, Sometimes I’m frightened but, I’m ready to learn the power of love’. I cannot state enough that these are just words that draw or show what the power of love is and can be. If you are interested in more lyrics from the song, you need to access the Internet for this and more lyrics about songs of love.