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Tips For Artists Who Want To Buy Beats Online

Tips For Artists Who Want To Buy Beats Online

Article for rappers who want to buy beats.

So it’s about to get serious now? Did you pass the phase of rapping over free beats and you’re now ready to start your own project? Are you gonna sell your music over iTunes and other platforms? As a newbie it’s important to learn about a few things before you jump into the world of beats and recording. This can save you a whole lot of stress and frustration.

Music right now is at a very high consumption rate, because of all the technology like iPods, iPhones, smartphones, mp3, mp4 etc. There are a whole lot of rappers and independent artists and producers who all trying to make it by making and selling music. However, this doesn’t make it very easy for the customer, who in fact is your listener to find your music while in fact there are millions and millions of rappers out there they can choose from. All though these words may sound like i’m trying to discourage you, there are some things you can do about it. It is very important that I tell you right now, so you can learn from my experiences.

When you buy beats always ask yourself for what purpose you’re using the beat. If you’re want to buy beats purely for promotion, some airplay, a video and live-performances, it wont be a smart decision to buy beats with the full rights (for those who GOT the money). Best thing you can do is go check out some beat selling websites where independent producers are leasing their beats.

To make a long story short, leasing means you pay the producer money for the effort, time and dedication he puts into your product, but the full rights ALWAYS remain with the producer. This way you can use the beat on your mixtape, shoot a video with it, go live on stage with it and in most cases even sell a limited amount of copies from the song. The producer in case will most likely always give you the information on how many copies you can sell, so this is perfect for people who want to make professional music, but don’t have the money to buy the exclusive rights which can go from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

When you get on them websites where beats are leased, you should pay attention to a few things: Make sure the beats you lease have right mix, because nothing is more annoying for a listener then to listen to a track that isn’t mixed the way it should. Make sure the beats ain’t too hard, too soft, too sharp or too muddy. When it comes to this I have no guidelines for you to follow then to LISTEN CAREFULLY. Imagine your voice on the beat and when it feels good, it is! Just listen carefully!! A good website to lease beats and meet producers is http://myflashstore.net/mirakleallure

Enjoy making music and have lots of success in the future.