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Verbal Judo – Master Negotiations and Become a Black Belt

Verbal Judo – Master Negotiations and Become a Black Belt

Verbal judo black-belt? Yeah, I mean these tactics to master negotiations are exactly that. Use these words, ideas, posture, attitudes, and techniques and you can accomplish anything in this world using negotiation. Money follows VALUE, and in negotiations the whole secret is to create value if you want to master negotiations.

Verbal Judo and How to Master Negotiations

1. You can’t learn negotiation tactics from a book. Find someone who is good, observe them and model what they do, how they talk, what they say (and don’t say). Ask them questions.

2. Use the power of silence. People will rush to fill it. Let THEM feel the unease of silence.

3. Knowing when to go on the attack (“offensive”) is easy– always.

4. Learning how to feign retreat on an issue or point (only to attack a different way) is essential to verbal judo success.

5. Always be more prepared than the guy sitting across from you.

6. Watch “Two for the Money”, “Thank you for Smoking”, “Thirteen Days” (Costner), “Thomas Crown Affair” (Brosnan), “The Devil’s Advocate” (Pacino), “The Negotiator”, and believe it or not “Pretty Woman”. While there’s some questionable morality in some of these movies, there are nuggets of negotiation wisdom in each that if applied can make you millions- without compromising your morals.

7. Learn how to argue instead of negotiate when appropriate

8. One who would master negotiations must understand that a raised voice commands respect only when it is genuine

9. The most powerful word you’ll ever need to counter an offer you don’t like: “WHAAAT?!?” A real verbal judo black-belt uses tone of voice as much or more than words to communicate.

10. Remember- you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you can negotiate. Using these negotiation tactics can help us get what we know we deserve. All of it.

11. Remember “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. Always ask.

12. Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. Questions are the blows of verbal judo. Ask, ask, ask. Just don’t ask me why!

13. Practice negotiation as much as possible. At the hotel. In line at the coffee shop. On the airline ticket counter. On the golf course. In the farmer’s market. With your spouse. In front of the judge. With your kids, etc

14. Remember, the buyer is in control (Unless you are the seller). Who is in control? You are. Have that attitude. Feel it in your gut: “I am in control”.

15. Read Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: Science and Practice”- it will blow your mind.