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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Webinar

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Webinar

There are always choices available when communicating information to staff but which is the best? If you’re all in the same building, then your decision is probably easier to make.

But if you’re in the situation of needing to communicate information quickly and globally, you need to explore the possibilities and you have a number of options:

  • You can email everyone as that’s quick – and be sure that most people won’t even open your email let alone read it!
  • You can post out copies of the new procedure document to everyone – and be sure that most of them will end up in the trash
  • You can go around the world running training course – no, you can’t do that quickly enough
  • You can engage a team of trainers who will go out to your locations and deliver the raining for you – too expensive
  • Bring everyone to you -no, too expensive again
  • Webinars -yes, why not?

Why use webinars?

A webinar is like a meeting or presentation delivered over the web. It is usually delivered live but is then recorded and can be downloaded later. There can be interaction with the audience through questions and polls and some live conversation if the group isn’t too big.

Webinars are suitable for a whole range of things like:

  • keeping sales staff up to date with new product information
  • cascading a corporate message from your CEO downwards
  • updating managers in changes in interviewing procedures
  • ensuring all staff are informed about latest legislation and compliance regulations in your industry

Advantages of webinars

  • they are quick and relatively easy to set up -you don’t need to be a technological wiz kid
  • you probably already have the technology set up in-house and if not, it doesn’t cost much to subscribe to a provider
  • you prepare your message in advance so you know it’s the right one
  • they deliver a short, focussed message to your target group
  • they ensure that everyone in the company gets the same message
  • recordings are made for those who can’t make the call live because they are in another meeting
  • time zones are no problem as everyone can download the recording
  • you can choose to broadcast live or record your session in advance
  • links can be given to FAQ pages or intranet discussion forums where questions can be asked
  • clear ‘calls to action’ can be given -you make clear what you want to see happen next
  • your recordings can be used at presentations and other events later

Top Tip

For webinar newbies, take time to get familiar with the technique of delivering a webinar. Practise your session in advance. You don’t want to fluff in front of your worldwide audience!