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What Age Group Are Rocking Horses Best Suited To?

What Age Group Are Rocking Horses Best Suited To?

When it comes to children furniture, there are many animals like elephants, horses, sheep, hippos, frogs, lions, cows and much more. Rocking horse is an interesting twist for the kids. It is a traditional toy and a fun game for children of many ages. Children are usually very excited when they see this new animal seat at their home.

The rocking horses vary in size, quality and price. There are so many styles available that you will be confused, but you must choose the right kind for your child. There are some special toys designed for small babies, having supportive seats. Some of them have sound too, which is a value addition for the young kids. For older children, there are larger rocking-horses.

Rocking-horses are best suited for the age group of 1 to 6; it is fun for kids. Children of these ages are fascinated by such things. Bright colours and modern design fascinates the kids while suitable design and thick handles make it convenient for youngsters to ride. They can easily be gripped and can be refinished in between generations. Plus, they are affordable, attractive and functional.

If you are looking for a rocking-horse for a number of children, you should not go for some specific age but choose one which will cover the longest span of years so that you can get most use of the rocking-horse. On the other hand, if you are buying rocking-horse for one specific child, you should choose it according to his age and taste. If your baby is a girl and her favourite colour is pink, go for that. For boys, you may choose sturdy ones.

While purchasing any product for children, especially for young kids, security should be the primary concern. The products that present a safety hazard should not be bought. The development stage of the child should also be considered while selecting a rocking-horse. Some of the tips to improve safety of the child are; springs used in the rocking-horse must be covered or sealed, so that fingers are not pinched; proper covers and seals should be there on the springs, so that little fingers of the kids do not get pinched; if seats of the wooden rocking-horse are not padded, there are chances that it may be slippery, so proper grippers should be placed to avoid any mishap.; these horses should be placed several inches away from walls and furniture so that they may not cause any damage.

It is also important that these rocking-horses should be used in accordance with the recommended age by the manufacturer. For small children, any choking hazard can take place, so they should not be allowed to sit on big ones. Likewise, big children should not use small rocking horse because they may not be designed to resist more weight. These rocking horses should be maintained well and checked periodically to make sure none of the pieces have become loose.