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What Do Steve Jobs and AC/DC Have in Common?

What Do Steve Jobs and AC/DC Have in Common?

The rock band AC/DC was formed in 1973 sold over 200 million albums. “Back in Black,” released in 1980, sold over 50 million copies, second only to “Thriller.” 40 years later, spectators from North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa still flood to their concerts. In 2011, during their latest world tour, close to 200,000 spectators attended a series of 3 concerts in River Plate, Argentina. We are in 2014, the members of the band are in their late fifties, early sixties. They are still rocking. What is their secret?

Steve Jobs created Apple in 1976, co-invented the first personal computer selling over 210 million units. He then went on inventing and selling 350 million iPods, 200 million iPhones, and 100 million iPads. In the process, he also revolutionized the music industry with iTunes. Close to 40 years later, even though Steve Jobs is not among us any longer, Apple is still rocking. What was his secret?

The secret is that both AC/DC and Steve Jobs shared the same philosophy…

1. They both had a clear understanding of what their company/band was about.
2. They both had a clear understanding of their “niche” and never compromised.
3. They both sold an “experience,” not a product.
4. They both were the master at creating a strategy that was perceived positively.

“AC/DC and Steve Jobs realized long before “Social Media” existed, that to have sustainable success in whatever industry you are, you must sell more than just innovative quality products. They understood that they had to connect their brand with their customers, at an emotional level. That their ability to build personal relationships would be the deciding factor.”

The “Social Media” revolution gives you the opportunity to apply the same principles to your business, emotionalizing your brand building personal relationships with your ecosystem.

– The name is “Emotional Branding”
– The key is “Content Marketing”
– The tools are “Social Media” platforms
– The beauty of it, is that it is “Affordable”

Consumers of all types, in all industries, are people who want to feel “Positive Emotions” before anything else. Your branding strategy must be designed to create a personal dialog with them.

“Branding is not about market share, it is about mind & emotions share.”

Now that you know the secret to sustainable success, why not make it the core principle of your 2014 Sales & Marketing Strategy?