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What Is Ecommerce?

What Is Ecommerce?

To put into the simplest of words, the world of ecommerce encompasses businesses whose modus operandi is business conducted over a network. Any business that deals in the purchase or sale of goods and services via electronic media (mainly the internet) is referred to as being part of the ecommerce ecosystem. This essentially covers a variety of businesses like consumer based retail websites, auction or music sites, to even exchange of business between corporate companies (B2B corporations). Electronic commerce is one of the most important utilities of the internet.

Along with providing the opportunity to the bigger companies to conduct their business, the internet provides ecommerce for small businesses as well. That being said, it isn’t the easiest process and neither the cheapest to do it right out of your home. There are companies that offer aspiring businesses with the facilities of ecommerce website development for this very reason.

The growth of the internet and its utilities for businesses gave birth to ecommerce development companies like Shopify, Magento, WordPress and WooCommerce which are some of the major platforms that cater to ecommerce web development. Each of these ecommerce developers provides different ecommerce packages to budding online business and have their own pros and cons depending on what the given business is looking for. What they do have in common is that they’re all easy to implement.

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress websites for creating online shops. With this plugin, you sell all kind of goods including digital good. WooCommerce with the ability to accept all type of credit/debit bank cards including PayPal, BACS and cash. WordPress with WooCommerce plugin is becoming more popular every year.

Shopify is widely considered the go-to platform for small businesses due to the advantages they provide including automatic taxes, shipping rates, and support for multiple languages and it allows you to make use of all the major credit cards.

Magento, on the other hand, provides the facility of endless customization to the business, unlike Shopify. It is a feature that should appeal to businesses that sell products which aren’t categorized like most generic products sold by online businesses.

Shopify and Magento are two of the most popular platforms used by small businesses but if you’re looking to start an online business, it’s better to conduct research into those companies and decide which one would suit the needs of your business model the best.