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Where To Buy Silly Bandz Online

Where To Buy Silly Bandz Online

Every year there seems to be some sort of fad in the toy industry. These are items that young people deem as must-have toys. They are often traded, collected and sought after at both online shops and in the department stores. In the past such toys included Pokeman cards and Zhu Zhu Pets. This year, however, the major craze sweeping across the nation is for Silly Bandz. These are brightly colored silicone band bracelets and rings which come in and endless variety of shapes including letters, cards, animals, fantasy princesses and many more.

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching your kids will start mentioning what kind of gifts they want. There is no doubt that they will ask you for various kinds of Silly Bandz bracelets. If you drive to your local mall or department store to try to find these items you will find that a lot of these items are rare and hard to find. In this article you will learn some of the best websites where you can purchase these toys at affordable prices online.

One of the first places to start your search is the official website of the company. What is great about this site is that you will see all of the various categories of Silly Bandz available on the market today. This way you can match the kinds bracelets that your kids want with the items on other online stores. Furthermore, the website puts the most popular and rare categories at the top and this takes a lot of the guesswork out of your online shopping experience. Currently, some of the most popular categories include Justin Bieber, Dora the Explorer, Save the Gulf, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Rudolph, Halloween, Rainforest and Fantacy bracelets. In general, you will find that these items come in packets of 24 or 36 bracelets. One packet of 24 bracelets costs about $6.00 on the company’s online store.

One great place to find Silly Bandz online is eBay. If you do a simple search you will see that there are over 18,000 results. In terms of finding good deals eBay is arguably the best site on the Internet. Indeed, packets of 24 bracelets can be purchased for under $1.00 if you are lucky! One great idea is to identify the category of bracelets that you are looking for on the company’s official website then do a search on eBay. In the upper right-hand portion of your screen you can sort for the cheapest products. This way you are assuring yourself of getting the best deal. Another fantastic aspect about eBay is the new snapshot photo gallery. With this option you can display up to 70 items on your computer monitor at once. This way you could browse a wide variety of items in a very short time. Finally, another tip is to include the words wholesale, bulk or lot in your search. This way you can purchase large quantities of these collectors bracelets and the most favorable prices.

Another great online shopping site for Silly Bandz is Amazon. If you browse through Amazon you will find that the average price for a pack of 24 bracelets is roughly $3.00. This is also a big discount compared to other leading online shopping sites. Amazon also carries a very vast variety of categories similar to eBay. However, one major advantage of Amazon over eBay is that Amazon offers extensive customer reviews. This way you can learn what previous customers had to say about the bracelets which you are considering purchasing. Furthermore, the site has a five-star product rating system which can help indicate previous customers’ overall assessments of the products.