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Why Is Easter Too Commercial?

Why Is Easter Too Commercial?

Traditionally Easter is all about celebrating the life of Jesus Christ and his resurrection on Easter Sunday after being crucified on Good Friday. Today however, the meaning has become clouded behind the huge number of Easter eggs and activities people have access to and have pressured onto them. This isn’t to say that Easter eggs are bad in any way, but for them to become so popular the true Christian meaning had to take a back seat, resulting in many people being oblivious to what Easter means to Christians every year.

Today Easter has become all about the Easter Bunny and the chocolate eggs he leaves behind for children to find. This is why so many people will attend or hold Easter egg hunts, keeping the Easter Bunny alive in the minds of their children for a little longer. These hunts are brilliant for bringing people together and letting them have a great time on Easter Sunday. Adults won’t be oblivious to the true meaning of Easter, it’s simply that some don’t believe it, and consequently their children won’t either, unless a family member manages to drag them into church.

Churches will always hold special services on Easter Sunday, making them more accessible to those who are simply visiting or only coming because a family member asked them to. At these services the preacher will talk about the true meaning of Easter and ensure everyone has a good knowledge of what it’s all about before they leaves, meaning there won’t be anything heavy emotionally or spiritually for people to go through, unless they want to. The children’s work at these services is always fantastic, as volunteers will provide them with loads of chocolate to eat, crafty things to make, and tell them about the Easter story through a quick activity designed for them to learn from.

Taking children to church on Easter Sunday, even if you don’t believe in Christianity, is good to give children an understanding of what Easter celebrates and what it actually means to Christians. Teachers are being restricted more and more on what they can teach to children on any religion, subsequently creating a spiritually ignorant generation. This only helps to boost the power commercialisation has over Easter, and while it’s not necessarily bad, it’s also not good.

In conclusion, Easter became a commercial holiday because of companies wanting to push their chocolate products. These can be overpriced, depending on which brand is purchased, but more than that the commercialisation is becoming greater. Luckily there are a few companies that want to keep the original story of Easter intact, and are producing Easter eggs with the story of Jesus and the cross printed on them to make it obvious to the recipient of the egg what Easter really means.